Advantages about Linshang Gloss Meter

Time:2019/05/07 16:18:00 Browse:1459

The Linshang gloss meter is used to measure the glossiness of various materials, such as automotive paints, coatings, ceramics, inks. Many customers will often ask what are the advantages of Linshang gloss meter.

LS192 gloss meter

First, temperature compensation function
If we measure the gloss of the test sample in the environment where the temperature changes drastically. Don’t worry. This will not affect the accuracy of the LS191
gloss meter.
    Second, small measurement hole
    When measuring, the test sample surface must cover the measuring hole. The measuring spot of the LS191 gloss meter is 9mm*15mm. The sample must be larger than the area of the measuring spot and the test surface must be flat.
    Third, simple operation
    There is no need to press the button during measurement. The sample gloss will be immediately displayed on the display interface.



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