May Winebottle Be Measured by Glass Thickness Meter?

Time:2019/02/27 16:18:00 Browse:1755

  One customer called and asked if there is any meter may measure thickness of transparent winebottle, we know winebottles are abnormal, no matter it's for beer. red wine, white alcohol etc. different size and kinds. So how to measure the thickness?
  In Linshang, There is
LS201 digital glass thickness Meteruse to measure thickness for insulating laminated glass, can measure thickness of two layers of glass and the middle layer of air at the same time. LS201 Digital Glass and air space thickness meter may measure thickness of transparent winebottle?


  We know LS201 Laser Glass thickness meter applies CCD detection, makes use of optical reflection principle to measure the thickness of the glass surface on one side. And LS201 Winebottle Glass thickness meteris especially applicable for occasions where general measuring tools including scales and vernier callipers are impossible or not easy to measure.

Winebottle Glass thickness meter

  From the above-mentioned reasons, we found that LS201 Winebottle Glass thickness meter is very suitable to measure thickness of winebottle. The customers bought LS201 Digital Glass and air space thickness meter and found it with LCD display. very easily to operate, quick and reliable in measuring.
  If you have any special measure requirement, just contact us, our professional sales person will recommend the most suitable instrument to you.
LS201 digital glass thickness Meterjust may measure thickness of winebottles that it's transparent and glossy surface.