Measurement of High Performance Insulating Glass Thickness

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The goods on the market are constantly being replaced and replaced, which makes the products more professional. For example, such as the hot glass industry, many manufacturers immediately launched high-performance insulating glass to meet the growing demand of the market. It's not just the glass industry, it's the same in all walks of life. Linshang technology is also constantly in the process of technological innovation. Among them is a digital insulating glass thickness meter - LS201.

glass thickness meter

LS201 digital insulating glass thickness meter is specially used to test the thickness of glass. It is especially suitable for the installed glass. The instrument measures the thickness of glass on one side and the operation is simple and fast.
High performance insulating glass has the following characteristics:
    1: Large energy saving effect
    High-performance insulating glass, due to a special metal film, can achieve a 0.22-0.49 shielding factor, which reduces the load on indoor air conditioning (air-conditioning). The heat transfer coefficient is 1.4-2.8W (m2.K), which is better than ordinary insulating glass. It also exerts great efficiency in reducing the indoor heating load. Therefore, the larger the window opened, the more obvious the energy saving effect.
    2: Improve the indoor environment
    High-performance insulating glass can cut off a considerable amount of energy that is emitted into the room by the sun, thus preventing discomfort caused by radiation (ultraviolet radiation) heat and reducing the dizziness caused by sunlight.
    3: Rich color and artistry
    High-performance insulating glass has a variety of colors and can be used according to the needs to achieve a more ideal artistic effect.



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