How to Measure the Thickness of the Solar Film

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The solar film is a film used to resist infrared rays and ultraviolet rays, and the thickness is generally expressed by mil. The general solar film thickness is about 1.5mil to 3mil. The thickness of the inferior solar film may be less than 1mil, and there will be a brittle feeling when touched. It is recommended to use the mil thickness gauge LS220 when testing the thickness of the solar film. , you can freely switch between the metric unit μm and the British unit mil.
    Below we explain the method of detecting the solar film by mil thickness gauge LS220.
    First prepare the zero plate (iron-based zero plate or non-ferrous base plate), the solar film to be test and LS220 mil thickness gauge.
    1. The detection of the solar film is generally used in British units, long press the power button to switch to the unit in the off state.
    2. After the setting is completed, the test can be started directly. If the LS220 mil thickness gauge is used for the first time, in order to reduce the error during measurement, we recommend to perform a zero adjustment operation on the instrument first.

mil thickness gauge LS220

3. When testing, it should be noted that the general solar film has two layers, one layer is a transparent rubber layer, and the other layer is a solar film. Therefore, when detecting, it is necessary to first tear off the transparent interlayer of the solar film, and then the solar film is laid flat on the zeroing plate, and the instrument's probe is pressed vertically on the solar film, and the mil thickness gauge can accurately measure the thickness of the solar film.