How to Measure Coating Thickness?

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  The surface coating is a coating material for changing the characteristics of the material surface, such as improving surface tension, changing color, adding a protective layer, etc., To prevent dirt and increase ink adhesion. In the used car industry, it is also possible to judge whether the car has been repainted by the thickness and uniformity of the paint at each position. It is strongly recommended to use a Linshang coating thickness gauge to detect the thickness of the coating.

LS223 coating  thickness gauge

Linshang coating thickness gauge, as a new star for professional detection of coating thickness, the unit is accurate to um (1000um=1mm), the range is up to 0-5000um, the precision is up to ≤±(3% reading +2μm). As for the measuring range, the magnetic metal substrate and the non-magnetic metal substrate can be both measured. The instrument has an automatic identification function and the matrix property can be manually set by itself. The application can be said to be very extensive.
Linshang coating thickness gauge is basically easy to operate with high precision, fast response, and good stability according to the customers’ feedback. It is the best choice for simple detection of coating thickness or coating uniformity analysis.