New Method of IR Ink Transmission Meter

Time:2019/02/27 16:43:00 Browse:1837

     LS108A and LS108D IR Ink Transmission Meter, the main application industry is mobile phone lenses, infrared ink, and later a customer has applied these two instruments in the infrared filter strip industry. Today we mainly introduce the new method of IR ink transmission meter, testing some heterosexual materials, the specific application industry is not clear.
  The sample is a milky translucent material with a diameter of 7mm, some letters and three pillars in the middle. If want accurate data, we can test it with LS117 transmittance meter. But it's a little difficult to get the right test results: First, there are three protruding columns in the middle of the sample that cannot be fitted for testing; second, there are different letters on the sample that affect test data in varying degrees. After understanding the sample, we inform the customer these details, also photographed the relevant pictures and sent to the customer.

LS108D IR Ink Transmission Meter

LS108D IF ink hole transmission meter

  The customer also understands and indicates that the test results can be accepted as long as the test results are consistent. Then we used the LS108D IR ink transmission meterto test the sample. Its aperture is 0.5mm, we tested the sample around the region and the middle area, the tested sample transmittance is about 15%, it indicates that the test results’ consistency of same type sample is good. Our customer also agreed with this scheme and are planning to purchase our instruments.



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