IR-CUT Filter Transmission Meter Test Camera Filter

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1.What is IR cut dual filter?

The IR CUT Dual Filter is a filter used in the camera lens that automatically switches the filter according to the intensity of external infrared light to cut off infrared or let it pass. The IR-cut filter transmission meter can test 940 nm infrared transmittance of the camera's IR-CUT dual filter.

There are various wavelengths of light in nature. The human eye recognizes light in the wavelength range of 380nm-760nm. Lights exceeding 380nm-760nm cannot be seen by human eyes, such as infrared light and ultraviolet light. The imaging components of the camera, CCD or CMOS, can see most of the wavelength of light. Due to the participation of various light, the color restored by the camera and the naked eye are different in color, in order to solve the color shift problem: The current scheme is to place a double-layered filter in front of the CCD in a single layer or multiple layers (while allowing visible light and infrared light to pass through).


2. Function of the IR-cut dual filter

IR-cut dual filter switcher works when the daytime light is sufficient, the infrared cut filter works, and the CCD restores the true color; when the night light is insufficient, the IR cut filter is automatically removed, and the full spectrum filter start working, so that the CCD makes full use of all the light, which greatly improves the performance of camera.

3. LS108A and LS108D IR cut filter transmission meter

Linshang Technology specializes in the development of various optical instruments. The LS108A and LS108D IR cut filter transmission meter are widely used in their related industries. The two devices have one thing in common, that is, they can test 940nm infrared transmittance. This instrument is currently used in a wide range of applications, such as the manufacturers of producing the remote control of televisions, air conditioner and the sensor of smart device, sweeper induction will use this transmission meter.

LS108A/LS108D Lens Transmission Meter

Suitable for mobile phone lens infrared transmittance and visible light transmittance testing
LS108A: Diameter of Testing sample: > 1.0mm
LS108D: Diameter of Testing sample: > 0.5mm
IR Peak wavelength:940nm and 850nm;VL Peak wavelength: 550nm
Fast measurement mode and slow measurement mode can be switched on LS108D
Price: $190
Model: LS108A/LS108D

If you need to test the IR transmittance of the camera IR-cut filter, please feel free to contact us at For more information about the application of the instrument, please read "Spectrum Transmission Meter Used For Optical Transmittance Test".