Maintenance and Cleaning of Solid Wood Floor

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Solid wood is an aesthetically pleasing material that looks natural and comfortable. However, solid wood flooring is not only expensive, but also difficult to maintain. It is necessary to maintain it properly in order to maintain its original color. Common solid wood flooring also has a glossiness that can be measured using a floor gloss meter.
    What should you pay attention to when cleaning solid wood flooring?
1. In daily cleaning, the mop must be wrung out before wiping the solid wood floor. It should not be scrubbed with acid or alkaline or organic solvents such as gasoline, which will affect the gloss of the floor. When you have stubborn stains, wipe with a neutral cleaning solution and then wipe with a cotton mop.
    2. When cleaning the laminate flooring, properly increasing the surface moisture can effectively prevent the floor from cracking and gaps. But the same cannot be wiped with dripping cotton. When the floor is stained with oil or stains, use a rag to clean the detergent.
    How to maintain the gloss of wooden floors?
1. Prevent small sand from damaging the paint on the surface of the wooden floor. Therefore, always pay attention to keep the ground clean. After ventilation and dispersing, if there is dust and gravel on the ground, it needs to be cleaned up in time so that the pedestrian sole will not damage it.
    2. Do not use a damp rag or mop to clean the wooden floor to prevent wear on the floor paint film. Of course, before buying the floor, you can also choose matt paint or high-gloss paint to paint according to your needs. The film formed on the surface of the paint will also protect the floor and prevent corrosion.

floor gloss meter

If you want to measure the floor gloss, you can use a special floor gloss meter to measure. In addition to distinguishing the gloss of the floor, you can also determine the uniformity of gloss through multiple sets of measurement data, making it easier for users to judge if the paint fraction is uniform.



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