New Product:LS235/LS236 Car paint meter

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The ordinary car paint meter cannot identify the iron powder putty, and many used cars, accident cars will use iron powder putty as the car refurbishment filler material, want to use this kind of "magic tool" to change the old car into a new car. This type of situation is not a case of a businessman trying to make a good deal out of a bad deal and deceive consumers into buying an old car at the price of a new car to make a high profit. Many people who buy cars do not have the experience to independently determine whether or not the vehicle has used iron powder putty, and they do not have a car paint meter to help them identify iron powder putty, so they are naturally cheated.

In order to meet the needs of customers, Linshang design LS235/LS236 car paint meters, which can identify iron powder putty. When iron powder putty is detected, LS235/LS236 will also be accompanied by two beeps to indicate the alarm, and the screen will light up red backlight. It is believed that with the car paint meter, those used cars and accident cars with iron powder putty will have nowhere to hide.

 LS235/LS236 car paint meters
LS235/LS236 car paint meters

LS236 is adjusted on the basis of LS235, the screen adopts a dual-screen design, the front of the instrument adopts a high-definition LCD screen, while the top adopts an OLED low-temperature resistant screen, this screen can make the instrument used in -40 ℃ environment, and no lag and no white screen. Dual-screen display test data, no matter which part of the test car, the reading is very convenient.

Intelligent identification of iron powder putty

In addition to recognizing iron powder putty, the paint film meter can also recognize iron, aluminum and iron galvanized bodies. Compared with the ordinary paint film meter, the performance of LS235 has been upgraded to another level. Generally speaking, in order to achieve anti-corrosion effect, senior cars will attach a galvanized layer on the surface of the metal substrate, and the ordinary paint film meter in the market cannot detect this kind of bodywork.

Capable of recognizing a variety of bodies such as iron galvanized

LS235 adopts advanced digital probe technology, digital signal processing directly on the probe to complete, the probe is not easy to be disturbed and provides excellent test accuracy to ensure that the instrument is very good repeatability throughout the measurement process, data stability. The wear-resistant ruby probe reduces test errors caused by wear and tear, while extending the life of the instrument.

Three color display, exquisite details

Red, green and white backlighting prompts three measurement states, identifying iron powder putty bright red light, identifying iron galvanized bright green light, other states bright white light.

Three backlights
Three backlights

Switching between multiple languages

The instruments is multilingual, so users can choose Chinese, English, Russian or Turkish for display according to their needs. The four languages can be switched at any time, so there is no barrier to use across borders.