LS191 Gloss Meter

Time:2019/02/27 11:59:00 Browse:1468

Linshang technology has developed two glossmeters -LS191,LS192. The difference of these two meters is measurement range.The range of LS191 is 200 GU and the LS192 measurement range is 1000GU.
  After the launch of LS192 glossmeter, some customers advice us to invent a new glossmeter with smaller measurement range.Now we have launched a high-precision gloss meter LS191, the measurement range of this new instrument is smaller but the price is cheaper and the precision is still high. We hope that the vast number of customers would like it.

191 glossmeter  

Here are some parameters  of LS191 Glossmeter:

Measurement range 0-200GU
Resolution 0.1GU
Repeatability  0-100: ±0.2 ; 100-200: ±0.2%
Measuring Angle 60°



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