Linshang LS108A Lens Transmission Meter Upgrade Notice

Time:2019/02/27 13:54:00 Browse:1944

  LS108A Lens Transmission Meteris a professional instrument which can test cell phone IR ink hole, the test aperture is 1mm, mainly test 550nm transmittance, 850nm infrared transmission and 940nm transmission rate.The instrument has been popular with customers since it went public.

LS108A Lens Transmission Meter

  During our continuous return visit and customer follow-up process, our customers also have put forward some suggestions: can you increase the counting function? Can it automatically judge qualified and unqualified? Can you increase the alarm function? Can I connect my computer to print out data?
  As far as our engineers are concerned, these questions are very easy, now the new lens transmission meter is equipped with software USB flash disk,and the instrument also have USB interface, you can directly connect it to the computer and set up the band according to your requirement, the upper and lower limits can also be set by yourselves. It can conclude many statistics of test samples: qualified quantity, unqualified quantity and total quantity. This revision of the LS108A, we increase many functions which are put forward by our customers. We hope our upgraded LS108A lens transmission meter will be more popular and more customers will support us in the future.



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