Linshang LS183 Light Transmission Meter

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Occasionally, customers have reported that the data of the LS103A and LS183 tests are different.
     The business commissioner also explained the following: First of all, the LS103A is an old product that has been discontinued for several years. The upgraded version is the LS183 light transmission meter.

LS183 light transmission meter

After the upgrade, there are mainly the following differences:

  1. The old LS103A is designed with the principle of non-parallel light design and cannot test thick materials. The LS183 light transmission meteruses a parallel light design, which greatly improves the accuracy of the measurement. And the LS183 can test the thick materials.

  2. LS103A's power supply mode is 9V mobile power supply and now there are few 9V mobile power manufacturers on the market, it is not convenient to use. The LS183 light transmission meter adopts the 5V power supply.

  3. The display mode of LS103A is more common in the market. LS183 light transmission meter, using a large liquid crystal display, can be manually adjusted into three different display interfaces, namely Chinese display, English display, graphic display. Customers can choose the display interface according to their preferences and also facilitate the use of foreign customers.

  4. LS183light transmission meter adopts a new aluminum shell design.

Linshang technology has always been making unremitting efforts to upgrade the products which hopes to provide the most thoughtful service for the customers.