Online Light Transmittance Meter Sold Again!

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Online light transmittance meter is mainly used for on-line monitoring of roll coating thickness.Due to its function of on-line monitoring,it is widely used in vacuum equipment industry and optical coating industry.Recently,a 20-point compact vacuum coating online light transmittance metercustomized by Lanzhou Vacuum Equipment Co.,Ltd.was successfully shipped.

LS152 online light transmittance meter

20-point compact vacuum coating online light transmittance meter

Lanzhou Vacuum Equipment Co., the backbone enterprise of China's machinery industry vacuum equipment industry.It mainly designs,develops and manufactures large and medium-sized non-standard,special vacuum equipment and cryogenic liquid storage and transportation containers,involving vacuum,low temperature and pressure vessels.In the technical field, most of the product technology level is in the leading position in China and a considerable part of it has reached the international level.Such a successful enterprise has chosen Linshang vacuum coating online light transmittance meter. What specific function does this instrument have?
  First,the vacuum coating on-line light transmittance meter structural features ---- tailored to the needs of users
    1.The instrument can be customized according to the customer's needs,such as the length, width,test points,light source band and so on.
    2.Linshang technology provides a complete set of monitoring system. The installation is very simple.No matter how many test points are customized by the user,only one power line output and one RS485 communication line output are needed.
    3.In addition to the conventional 1-way RS485① communication interface, it also provides a RS485② communication interface.It is very useful for users who need to connect to PLC for closed-loop control.
    4.Data transmission is stable.The length of RS485 communication line can be customized according to user requirements.The maximum length that users have customized is up to 100 meters.
  Second,vacuum coating online light transmittance meter operation characteristics ---- real-time monitoring, improve production efficiency,control production quality
   1.Transmittance (optical density) is monitored in real time and can be switched freely according to demand.
   2.Temperature compensation technology to ensure that the test data is also stable in a complex vacuum environment.
   3.The over-limit reminder function, by setting the upper and lower limit values. If the tested value exceeds the set value in the production process, the meter will prompt in real time, which helps to adjust the production process in real time.
    The important technical parameters of the on-line vacuum coating light transmittance meter are as follows:
    1.Test wavelength (according to customer needs, currently have the following options):
Infrared: 850 nm, 950 nm (default option, strong anti-interference ability)
Green light: 530nm
White light: 380nm-760nm
UV: 365mn
    2.Transmission rate measurement accuracy: better than ± 1%
    3.Transmittance resolution: 0.005%
    4.Optical density measurement range: 0.00 OD - 5.00 OD
    5.Resolution of optical density: 0.01 OD for 0.00 - 3.00 OD; 0.05 OD for 3.00 - 5.00 OD
    6.Temperature range: -10 ° C to 60 ° C
    7.Data refresh cycle: 300ms
    Lanzhou Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd has established a cooperative relationship with Linshang Technology since 2014.There are many successful enterprises such as Baofeng and Aifike Group, which use the on-line vacuum coating light transmittance meter.With so many successful business choices,we believe this must be a product worth relying on.