LS192 Digital Gloss Meter

LS192 Digital Gloss Meter


I. LS192 Gloss Meter Introduction 

Linshang LS192 portable gloss meter can be used for the surface gloss test of paints, coatings, inks, plastics, paper, tiles, ceramics, stone, metal and electroplated products. It is a 60 degree angle gloss meter with measurement range up to 1000GU. The test data can be comparable to the German BYK gloss tester.

LS192 digital gloss meter test different materials

II.  LS192 Gloss Meter Application

gloss meter test different materials
LS192 digital gloss meter test different materials

III. LS192 Gloss Meter Parameters

Measuring Angle

Measurement range 0-1000GU
Resolution 0.1GU

0-100GU:±0.2 ;100-1000GU:±0.2% reading


0-100GU:±0.5 ;100-1000GU:±0.5% reading

Error of indication

0-100GU:±1.5 ;100-1000GU:±1.5% reading

Zero error 0.1GU
Measuring spot 9mm*15mm

Minimum test material size

Working temperature 10℃ ~ 40℃
Storage temperature -10℃ ~ 60℃
Relative humidity Less than 85%, no dew
Weight 332g
Power supply

Lithium rechargeable battery


104mm(L) * 35mm(W) * 60mm(H)

LS192 digital gloss meterdimension

IV. LS192 Gloss Meter Features

1. Ultra-small design that fits in your pocket for easy portability.

digital gloss meter

2. Wide measurement range which can reach 1000GU.

gloss meter test high gloss material

3. The gloss checker has high accuracy which can ensure that it passes the testing of any authoritative metrology institute and meets the standards of national level working machines. There is no much difference with the test data of foreign gloss meter.

gloss meter standardLinshang gloss meter calibration report

LS192 gloss meter calibration report

4. The instrument has a standard board self-diagnosis function to ensure that measurement deviation will not be caused by the standard board contamination.

LS192 gloss meter power on self test

5. It can measure the gloss of the tested material in real time. During the measurement, you can record and store the current data by short press the power button.

6. The instrument displays the real-time value, maximum value, minimum value, average value and standard deviation value at the same time. The number of statistics can be up to 99 groups (after connecting the instrument to the computer software through a USB cable, the number of statistics can be set within the range of 1-99 groups)

gloss meter measurement interface
LS192 digital gloss meter measurement interface

7. The digital gloss meter supports USB data transmission function and comes with operating software. After connecting to the computer, you can operate and complete the test report through the software.


8. The instrument has a temperature compensation function. The value is stable and there is no need for calibration in short time.

9. Built-in rechargeable battery, the digital gloss meter can be used continuously for more than 48 hours on a single charge.

V. Product Qualification and Standards

1.LS192 gloss meter conform to the following national standards

GBT 9754-2007 Paints and varnishes-Determination of specular gloss of non-metallic paint films at 20°,60°, 85°

JJG 696-2002 Verification Regulation of Specular Gloss Meters and Gloss Plates

2.LS192 gloss meter certificate

Linshang gloss meter certificate

V. LS192 gloss meter operation video

VI. LS192 Gloss Meter Packing Details:

No. Name Quantity Uint
1 Gloss meter host 1 Pcs

Holder with the 


1 Pcs
3 USB cable 1 Pcs
4 Charger 1 Pcs
5 Special lens cloth 1 Pcs
6 User manual 1 Pcs
7 Plastic Case 1 Pcs
8 Warrenty card 1 Pcs

gloss meter package
LS192 gloss meter package 

VII. LS192 Gloss Meter After Sales Service

  1. The meter has one-year warranty. If the instrument works abnormally, please send the whole instrument to our company for maintenance

  2. Provide users with spare parts and lifelong maintenance services

  3. Provide the users with the meter inspection service 

  4. Free technical support for long term

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