LS192 Gloss Meter

LS192 Gloss Meter


     Ⅰ.Brief Introduction                                                                                                                     

With LS192 glossmeter, can measure glossiness of  any material  such as paints, coatings, inks, plastic, paper, tile, enamel, stone, metal,  electroplated layer etc.

LS192 Gloss meter


  1.Measurement geometry: 60°
  2.Measurement area: 9mm*15 mm
  3.Measurement range: 0-1000GU
  4.Resolution: 0.1GU
  5.Repeatability: 0-100:±0.2GU,100-1000:±0.2%
  6.Reproducibility: 0-100:±0.5GU,100-1000: ±0.5%
  7.Error of indication:0-100:±1.5GU,100-1000: ±1.5%
  8.Size: 104mm * 35mm * 60mm(L*W*H)
  9.Weight:332 g


  1. Real-time measuring, Putting and measuring, no need of button switch, real time display of measurement data.
  2. Intelligent statistical function, Measure times, maximum, minimum, average, standard deviation value are all synchronously shown on the display window.
  3. Instrument with temperature compensation function, measure data is stable , allowing calibration for a long period.
  4. Instruments supports USB transfer, comes with easy-link software, can be completed online with a computer and test reports.
  5. All-aluminum design, great texture.
  6. Compact, can be placed in a pocket for easy carrying.
  7. Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, super power saving.

     Ⅳ.Operation video                                                                                                                       

19217122007 Gloss Meter.jpg

 19217122002 Gloss Meter.jpg

19217121902 Gloss Meter.jpg19217120811 Gloss Meter.jpg

      .Packing List                                                                                                                              

  1.Gloss meter, model: LS192                                    1
  2.Calibration Holder with the standard                     1
  3.USB data line                                                           1
  4.Charger                                                                     1
  5.Special lens cloth                                                     1
  6.User manual                                                             1
  7.Aluminum box for meter packaging                       1
  8.Product qualification certificate / warranty card    1



       1.The meter has one-year warranty. If the gauge works abnormally, pleasesend the whole gauge to our company for maintenance
       2.Provide users with spare parts and lifelong maintenance services
       3.Provide the users with the meter inspection service 
       4.Free technical support for long term

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