Auto Paint Meter Test Used Car

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A second-hand car needs to pass the series of inspection and analysis, tires, engines, internal pipes, paint appearance and so on. If you want to find out more accurately the problems of the car, you must combine long-term evaluation experience with instruments. The combination of the two must be indispensable for evaluating the industry. Today, we will mainly explain the use and judgment analysis of automobile auto paint meter.

If a used car is an accident, then there must be traces of paint repair on the car body paint surface. The repair range will be relatively large. Use the auto paint meter to inspect the car paint surface, you can understand the historical situation of large and small accidents that have occurred in the vehicle and determine whether the vehicle is an accident. It can be said that if you understand the paint surface of the vehicle, you can roughly understand the scratching and accident history of the vehicle.

Of course, if you want to completely determine whether the vehicle belongs to a technically recognized accident car, you still need a professional second-hand car appraisal through professional equipment, based on the comprehensive test results of the chassis, front and rear anti-collision beams, body structure and other items.

auto paint meter

Linshang auto paint meter LS220 is widely used in the used car evaluation industry. In the beginning, only people who used second-hand cars were using it. Later, people who bought second-hand cars were also using it. Now even the appraisers who are used in second-hand car training are using our auto paint meter LS220.

In this era of technological development, instruments are constantly being updated. For automobiles, instruments are always based on reference. The simpler the method of use, the more stable this is the main direction in the future.

The instruments currently on the market are mainly imported and domestically produced. Many automotive industries still do not know how to distinguish the role of automotive auto paint meters in the used car industry. In fact, automotive auto paint meters mainly analyze the paint thickness on automotive sheet metal.

When inspecting a car with the auto paint meter LS220, the thickness of the roof is usually measured first. And the thickness of the roof is basically the same as the original thickness. Because the roof is usually not painted, the data measured on the roof is basically the original coating thickness of the car. If you use the auto paint meter LS220 and measure other position data if it is similar to the roof data, it means that the car has not been painted. 

The auto paint meter LS220 allows you to quickly identify whether it is an accident car without looking at it with your naked eyes. Therefore, Linshang auto paint meterLS220 is very useful in the used car industry. The small size makes it easy to use and carry. One data can take 0.5S.

However, the instrument is always based on reference. The evaluator's own experience should be strengthened. The combination of the instrument will be more efficient and scientific. In the future, the detection of paint films in second-hand vehicles will always be biased to scientific standards.