Auto Paint Meter Principles and Application

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Everyone knows that second-hand car appraiser is a technical job and requires high professionalism. If the industry wants to be a second-hand car appraiser, it needs to be trained by a professional school. If you want to be an excellent second-hand car appraiser, you need professional accumulation. Vehicle condition, sometimes it is not enough to recognize by naked eyes, you need to use the auto paint meter.

The auto paint meter is also called the coating thickness gauge, which is a special device for detecting the coating thickness. Since the covering surface of the car is basically covered with paint, the paint surface thickness can be directly judged by the auto paint meter to detect the sheet metal and spray paint of the car. The vehicle accident damage can also be indirectly determined. Its working principle is Hall effect and eddy current measurement principles, which can be used to measure the coating thickness on various metal substrates.

auto paint meter

The original paint thickness of most cars is between 100-180 microns, which is only the range of the experience. Generally, Japanese cars have a thinner paint surface. German cars and American cars will be slightly thicker. Some imported cars will have a higher thickness using the auto paint meter. Because of different brands and models, the car paint process may change as production technology improves.

If the vehicle body is dented or deformed after a collision, if it is dented, sheet metal repair is required. The painted surface thickness after repaired by the sheet metal will be quite different from that of the original vehicle. A professional used car appraiser can measure the vehicle's data by using an auto paint meter. If it is a little higher than the original car's paint thickness, it should be caused by spray painting. 

Linshang LS220B auto paint meter is a professional instrument for detecting the surface coating thickness of the material, which is more suitable for commodity inspection and manufacturers. The paint film thickness of most cars is about 100 + um. The repainted car paint thickness will be much greater than this value, so it is recommended to use the LS220B auto paint meter. The car paint thickness, which can easily identify whether the second-hand car has been painted twice.

The LS220B used car auto paint meter can complete a measurement in only 0.5S. It has a temperature compensation function and can be used at low temperatures. It ensures the stability and accuracy of test data. LS220B second-hand car auto paint meter also has Bluetooth function, which can be connected to mobile phone App. In the mobile phone App, customers can operate mobile phone App according to their own needs. After using, they can also generate and save test data. And LS220B has high cost performance, high accuracy and good after-sales service.



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