Can Window Film Protect Against Ultraviolet Rays?

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The car is one of the necessary tools for modern people to travel, whether it is to go out to buy food, or to travel, you can use the car. But now that summer is coming, the ultraviolet rays in the scorching sun are getting stronger and stronger. It is also necessary to protect the ultraviolet rays while driving. Therefore, many 4S stores will give away a few car stickers when the car owner picks up the car to help them do protective measures.
       The car film is mainly attached to the front and rear windshield, side window glass and skylight of the vehicle. Except for the front windshield which cannot stick the dark film due to the national requirement of light transmittance that can not be less than 70%, all other films can be dark film. But can automobile films really protect against ultraviolet rays? In response to these common problems of the car owner, this article will expand the description in detail to help the car owner answer the questions as much as possible.

1. Why do cars need to protect against ultraviolet rays?

Ultraviolet rays are ubiquitous in the air, especially in the hot summer months. The intensity of ultraviolet rays is very high, which will affect human bodies and automobiles to varying degrees. This is why we need automotive films.

(1) The effect of ultraviolet rays on cars

Ultraviolet rays will accelerate the fading of leather products, which is called "natural fading agent". Therefore, the steering wheel and seat in the car are easy to fade. Then the phenomenon of aging and cracking occurs, which seriously damages the aesthetics of the car interior. Although the practicality of the car is still there, the lack of value retention rate has been greatly reduced. For cars that are often parked outdoors rather than in the basement, ultraviolet light is inevitable.

(2) The impact of ultraviolet rays on the human body

If people do not protect themselves from ultraviolet rays while driving, they will not only turn black but also damage their physical and mental health. According to relevant medical research, ultraviolet radiation can cause a series of diseases in the human body and even severe cases can cause skin cancer. 

2. Can window film really protect against ultraviolet rays?

First of all, there are many kinds of automotive films on the market, such as paint protection films, color-changing films and anti-peeping films, etc. These films have different uses. And the main selling points are different, so they may not be able to protect against ultraviolet rays and heat insulation. The effect of the film to block ultraviolet rays is more obvious.
       Secondly, we also need to understand that the same type and different quality of heat insulation films will have different effects of preventing ultraviolet rays. The higher the quality of automotive films, the higher the UV rejection rate. Good insulation films will be added in production. A special coating can absorb more than 90% of the ultraviolet rays in the irradiated light. Of course, we can't tell the effect of this kind of heat insulation film with the naked eye, so we have to use professional transmission meters. LS163 transmission meter is easy to operate. The results can be obtained in a short time.
       In general, the car film used for heat insulation can indeed block ultraviolet rays and protect our personal cars. At the same time, it takes a lot of care when choosing to avoid buying fake and inferior products or using it for other purposes. When necessary, we can also use the Linshang LS163 transmission meter to test the actual effect and truly escort our car and make it more comfortable during driving.



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