Why Do We Use Car Paint Thickness Gauge?

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The main market for car paint thickness gauges is the used car industry worth 1.2 trillion RMB. However, the car paint thickness gauge is also suitable for other automotive markets, including car repair shops, painters and car beauticians. Anyone who needs to control the car body paint will recognize the great benefits of the car paint thickness gauge.
       Large car auction companies have dozens of locations and thousands of employees, the largest of which transports up to 9,000 vehicles from a single location every week. As part of inspection, certification and repair programs, auction houses often train and hire their own ill employees to evaluate and record the condition of used cars. Many other professionals also need to check the paint thickness when determining the value of the vehicle. For dealers, used car sellers usually need to measure the car paint thickness to assess the value of the used car. Similarly, insurance adjusters, used car buyers and collectors have similar requirements.
       The car paint thickness gauge is a powerful tool for finding accidents, repairing rust spots and repairing past paints. The problems under paint will eventually develop over time. No matter how good the painting work is, the damaged body will shorten the life of the vehicle. Therefore, regardless of the cause, the resale value of vehicles that have been repainted will decrease. Proper inspection can prevent the cost of repainting unplanned. The cost of high-quality painting may be as high as 3,000 RMB. If body repairs are needed to resolve potential collision or rust damage, the cost will increase significantly.
       In addition, some used car appraisers rely on their own experience to evaluate used cars. However, the naked eye judgment is not always reliable and it usually cannot convince customers. If the judgment is wrong, it will not only affect the relationship with the customer, but also affect your own reputation. The use of the car paint thickness gauge greatly reduces this risk. Using the car paint thickness gauge, the used car appraiser can show the real situation of the car to the customer with scientific data.

car paint thickness gauge

When using a car paint thickness gauge to measure a used car, we should pay attention to two points. First, pay attention to subtle changes in car paint thickness. We cannot clearly know the paint thickness of each car type. Without knowing the original paint thickness, we can measure the thickness of the body paint and compare it with the paint thickness of the roof. Because the roof is usually not prone to damage. We can select five parts of the car and make three measurements for each part to compare with the data on the roof. Linshang car paint thickness gauge is equipped with Bluetooth APP, which can measure seventeen parts of the car and each position can save eight data. The LS220B Bluetooth car paint thickness gauge can generate a test report.