How to Correctly Use Car Paint Meter to Avoid Traps?

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The car paint meter is a lot of equipment in the used car industry. Before the car paint meter has entered the field of vision, many of them are judged by experience. But now we can use the car paint meter to show the scientific data. The car paint meters on the market have always been mixed. The general second-hand car appraisers often use Linshang car paint meter. Linshang car paint meter is very famous in China. Of course, how to choose your own car paint meter, in the specific situation still, we can choose suitable car paint meter according to your own budget.

Next, we will use how the car paint meter is used in actual second-hand car identification. In real life, the paint thickness standard of each brand model is different. The common car original factory paint standard is about 100um, but the data of some Germany car paint surface is about 200um. I have previously checked the original painted surface thickness of a 2014 Volkswagen Langxing. The painted surface thickness is more than 200um. When I first checked it with a car paint meter, I thought there were traces of paint repair. After repeated confirmation, the car paint are original. Therefore, in addition to empirical judgment, it is particularly important to use the car paint meter when measuring the parameters of the roof paint as the standard data reference. Under normal circumstances, the possibility of roof repair paint is very small and can be used as a reference for judgment.

The car paint meter is actually limited in measurement, so we must also correctly understand this problem and use the car paint meter. In the process, only the front and rear bumpers can’t be measured. The most common paint replenishment position of the vehicle is the right side and the front and rear fenders.

car paint meter

Later, we found a Japanese car and tested it with a car paint meter. During the measurement, we compared the measured data with the original paint and the effect was very obvious through this comparison. The result is almost double the difference, so using a car paint meter to judge the specific place of the body paint repair is particularly reliable. The car paint meter can’t only judge the place but also the severity of the accident at that time. During the measurement process, the bigger the measured paint thickness is, the more serious it is. The paint needs to be repainted. For this reason, more putty is scraped to cause the car body paint value to be very high.

I have also measured the paint value of 845um before, this value is already very high, which is enough to show how serious the traffic is damaged. So the car paint meter can still judge the condition of the car particularly accurately, if you want to make yourself more convinced, We can also query the insurance records and maintenance records, so as to ensure that we will not go to a big pit in the process of buying used cars. The car paint meter is also very convenient during use and can be carried around, which makes it easier to be applied in real life, so there is such an instrument that can prevent us from taking detours and provide some convenience for life.