Precautions for Use of Coating Thickness Gauge

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Alloy jewelry and metal products are generally subjected to electroplating operations. But for the measurement of electroplating thickness, it is also necessary to use the coating thickness gauge for measurement. Only qualified products will be sold to the market. At present, there are many kinds of Chinese coating thickness gauges, so what should be paid attention to when using it?

1. Use environment

The coating thickness gauge has certain requirements on the surrounding environment during use. It should be avoided as much as possible in environments with heavy dust, heavy oil and strong magnetic fields. In order not to affect the measurement accuracy of the instrument and extend the life of the coating thickness gauge in use.

2. Base metal thickness

Before using the coating thickness gauge, it is necessary to check whether the thickness of the base metal exceeds the critical thickness. If not, it can be measured after zero adjustment.

3. Measurement reading

The measurement of the coating thickness gauge will not be the same every time, so it is necessary to take several readings in each measurement area. Due to the local difference in the thickness of the cover layer, the instrument is required to take multiple measurement in any given area, especially when the surface is rough.

Coating thickness gauge measurement interface
Coating thickness gauge measurement interface

4. Matrix metal properties

For the magnetic thickness measurement method, the zero adjustment piece of the coating thickness gauge should be similar to the magnetic properties of the base metal of the test piece and the surface roughness.

5. Edge effect

When using the coating thickness gauge, it should not be close to the abrupt change of the test piece. Measurement should be performed in the edge and inside corner to avoid large measurement errors.

The above are the precautions for the coating thickness gauge summarized by the editor. The customer should read the instructions before use and operate. The probe should be perpendicular to the workpiece during measurement.

If you want to better use the coating thickness gauge, you must choose coating thickness gauge with good quality.



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