UV Energy Meter and UV Curing LED Lamp

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With the advancement of technology, market expansion and industrial development, the market prospect of ultraviolet LED is becoming broader and wider. This article mainly describes the application of UV LED lamps and UV energy meters in the UV curing industry.

UV curing machine

1. What is UV curing?

The wavelength range of ultraviolet curing technology is 320nm-400nm, which is a chemical process that irradiates organic coatings with ultraviolet rays to cause radiation cross-linking reaction, curing substances with relatively low molecular mass into substances. The UV energy meter LS128 is used to measure whether the ultraviolet light source is attenuated.

2. Application of UV curing in various industries

For example, the widespread application of UV glue in manufacturing operations has brought a market to UV LED curing light sources. Apple has applied UV glue to protect the sensing elements from UV damage and used UV LEDs to replace traditional UV mercury lamps.  In the printing ink curing process, the actual absorption wavelength of the photochemical reaction is between 350 and 370 nm, which can be better achieved by using UV LED light sources. In all applications, the ultraviolet light source intensity is particularly important. The UV light source will decay after being used for a period of time. At this time, the UV energy meter LS128 is used to determine whether the light source is still effective. If the light source is attenuated, the curing machine will run with less effort.

UV energy meter

Another neglected nail market has a broader market application for UV LED nail curing lamps. According to relevant research, the annual per capita consumption of nails in China is 10.7 times. Nail products and nail services are becoming a rapidly growing economic growth point in the beauty industry. With the rapid growth of the number of nail salons nationwide, UV LED nail curing lamps are hot. With the advantages of energy saving, safety and portability, fast response and short curing time, they are gradually replacing traditional mercury lamp nail curing lamps. In the future, UVLED nail light therapy lamps are worth looking forward to in the application market of the nail industry.
        You can use Linshang LS125 + UVA LED-X3 UV energy meter to detect the UV energy of the nail lamp. The spectral response range of this UV energy meter is 340nm-420nm. The instrument is calibrated in 395nm LED light source. It is not only suitable for the detection of the energy intensity of UVA or UVV light sources, but also suitable for the detection of the light source intensity and energy of small-power UVA LED light sources. In particular, the nail box is exquisite and compact, the small probe of this instrument is suitable for the nail curing lamp intensity test.
        As mentioned above, different sizes of objects need to be cured, resulting in different types of curing machines. The light source is different, the size is large and small and the wattage is also specified, but the UV energy meter used is the same. The band corresponding to the UV energy meter can be selected.



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