Coating thickness gauge ferrous and nonferrous measuring modes

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Linshang paint thickness gauge LS220 is a painting thickness meter with both ferrous and nonferrous modes that uses Hall Effect principle and eddy current principle. It can measure the thickness of non-magnetic coating on magnetic metal substrates such as steel. And the thickness of the non-conductive coating on the non-magnetic metal substrate such as copper or aluminum.

This paint thickness gauge has 3 measurement modes, Fe (ferrous measurement mode), NFe (nonferrous measurement mode), NFe/ Fe (automatic mode). In general, we recommend that customers choose automatic measurement mode.

The paint thickness meter recognizes the measuring substrate in automatic mode and converts the measurement modes quickly.

First, we measured the coating thickness of an iron-based material. When the instrument detects the material in the automatic mode, it automatically recognizes the measurement matrix and prompts Fe. The operation is very simple, just press it vertically down to measure the thickness.

paint thickness meter

Then we measure the thickness of a non-ferrous based material. Since the last measurement was an iron-based material, when the instrument recognized that it was a non-ferrous material, it entered the non-ferrous based mode and prompt NFe.



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