How to Control Color Difference in Automobile Painting Using Colorimeter?

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1.The importance of colorimeters in the automotive industry

With the increasing domestic demand for automobiles, the market competition is becoming fiercer. When car owners choose a car, they often consider the car's appearance. Therefore, the beauty of a car is very important to the car. People's first sensory impression of the car often comes from the color matching of the car paint. Therefore, in the automotive industry, the importance of paint mixing is self-evident. The application of colorimeters is essential.

2. Why does the car paint have color difference?

  • Automotive paint is generally divided into: ordinary paint, metallic paint, pearl paint.

  • Ordinary paint: composed of resin, pigment and additives.

  • Metallic paint: It is composed of resin, pigment and additives, aluminum powder, so it looks brighter.

Pearlescent paint: composed of resin, pigment, additives and mica particles. Mica grains are very thin pieces, so the reflection has directionality and has a colorful effect.

No matter what color of paint, its paint will fade in the sun. Many times, the factory is more concerned about: Fading evenly, try not to cause color difference in different parts of the car. To judge the color difference, it is necessary to detect the color difference of the car paint. The most widely used color difference detection instrument is the colorimeter.

3. Precautions for using colorimeter

After the car body and exterior color parts are painted with color, you need to use a colorimeter to check the color difference of the car. However, colorimeters are precision measuring instruments. When measuring, external factors may affect the measuring accuracy of the instrument. Therefore, pay attention to the following points when using a colorimeter:

(1) Avoid bad operation

Avoid shaking and shifting during measurement. Do not strike or impact the instrument violently. Do not use it in high humidity environment or water. Do not make any unauthorized disassembly and modification of the colorimeter.

(2) Keep the colorimeter properly

When not in use, store the colorimeter in a dry, cool environment and remove the battery to prevent damage to the instrument. Prevent dust, powder or solid foreign objects from entering the measurement caliber and the inside of the instrument.

(3) Regular maintenance of colorimeter

Carry out regular maintenance on the colorimeter. Carry out regular maintenance and replacement of the battery to prevent measurement errors caused by the battery.

(4) Choice of colorimeter

Due to the universality of metallic paints and pearlescent paints used in automobile colors and the particularity of their materials, currently all manufacturers basically use metallic paints or pearlescent paints to improve the appearance of automobiles and the quality of paints. The most commonly used color difference detection instrument for these two types of paints is the colorimeter. Of course, in the actual selection, you still need to choose according to the car paint to be tested.



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