Six Reference Standards for Choosing Colorimeters

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As a tool used to realize color quantification and color analysis, a colorimeter can establish color data standards, improve color quality and realize online color control. It is an indispensable precision instrument in computer color matching and color management. At present, there are many models of colorimeters on the market, with uneven quality and accuracy. Not only are there great differences in price, function and internal structure, but also the detection environment and measurement products for different types of colorimeters are significantly different. Therefore, when choosing a colorimeter, we must pay attention to a variety of factors to consider the colorimeter. In general, it can be purchased according to six reference standards:

1. Distinguish between "color filter (tristimulus value) colorimeter" and "colorimeter"

The color filter type colorimeter is difficult to obtain a color filter with good reproducibility, so the consistency between the instruments is very poor and it is an entry-level instrument. The colorimeter can detect the color difference and color problem between the two products. It is suitable for any kind of application, has very good repeatability and reproducibility, conforms to international general technical standards. It has better measurement accuracy and analysis strength , But the price is higher.

2. Color difference accuracy requirements

According to △ Eab, △ Eab is 0-1, choose a colorimeter with higher precision, such as rubber, plastics, paint and spray paint, etc., otherwise the colorimeter with general accuracy.

3. You need to distinguish between "0/45 degrees" or "d / 8 degrees integrating sphere"

Common optical structures of colorimeters include "0/45 degrees" and "d / 8 degrees integrating spheres". The former can only measure smooth surfaces and cannot be used for computer color matching. The latter has stable measurement data and can measure various surfaces. It can be used for computer color matching.

4. Combined with the operation performance of the colorimeter

When choosing a colorimeter, the convenience of operation and portability is also required. The ease of colorimeter operation must be determined according to the user. Portable and hand-held colorimeters are user-friendly, easy to operate, capable of one-button measurement and rapid analysis.

5. Compatibility of colorimeter

Colorimeter manufacturers will provide color meter with quality control software, color database management module, customer management module, color standard data management module and other supporting products.

6. Does the colorimeter have national measurement certification?

The colorimeter is a measurement instrument. When choosing, it is necessary to understand whether the colorimeter has met the national measurement requirements.

After mastering the above selection criteria, users of colorimeters can purchase various colorimeters on the market according to their actual needs. The Linshang colorimeter is independently developed by Linshang. It is a high-tech product integrating colorimetry, modern optoelectronics and computer science, which can meet the different needs of users.

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