What is Gloss Meter and Colorimeter?

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Gloss meter and colorimeter are used in many industries. What are the functions of these two instruments? Today we will briefly introduce the basic definitions of gloss meters and colorimeter.

What is a gloss meter?

Gloss meter, also known as glossmeter, is an instrument used to measure the surface gloss of ceramics, paints, inks, plastics, marble, aluminum, hardware, etc. High-precision gloss meters are classified into three types: high gloss, medium gloss and low gloss. It is mainly used to detect the surface gloss of objects. For example, automotive exteriors require professional glossiness measurement.

gloss meter

Gloss meter measuring principle: The measuring head of the gloss meter consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter consists of white light and a set of lenses, which produce a certain incident beam. The receptacle consists of a lens and a photosensitive element for receiving a cone beam that is reflected back from the surface of the sample.

What is a colorimeter?

Colorimeter is widely used in the color management field of plastics, printing, paint, ink, textile, printing and dyeing garments, according to the Lab, LCH principle of CIE color space, the measurement shows the color difference △E and △Lab value of the sample and the sample to be tested. Suitable for internal and external color evaluation and data management and control. It is a special instrument for detecting the color difference of the product. It shows whether the color of the produced product meets the requirements by comparing the color difference between the sample and the sample to be tested.

The colorimeter is mainly divided into the following three categories:
      1. Hand-held colorimeter - can directly read color difference data, generally can’t connect to the computer, without software. Easy to use, cheap, but not accurate. It is widely used in the general field of color management.
      2. Portable colorimeter - also known as portable spectrophotometer, can directly read data, but also connect to the computer, with software. With small size, high precision and moderate price, and it’s easy to carry.
      3. Desktop colorimeter -also known as desktop spectrophotometric color matching instrument, generally it has no reading display but has high-precision color measurement and color matching function, with large size, stable performance and high price.

Through the above introduction, I believe you can get a basic understanding of what is gloss meter and colorimeter.



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