Use Portable Colorimeter To Control Thermochromic Materials Color Quality

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The color of the thermochromic materials will change as the temperature change. To control the quality of the thermochromic products, manufacturers must ensure that the products change into the same color under the same temperature. How do they control the color quality of their products?  First, let't get to know what is thermochromic material and its features. Then we can analyze how to control its color quality using portable colorimeter.

1. What is thermochromic material?

thermochromic cup
thermochromic cup

Some time ago, a cup that changed color was very popular. When the cup was poured with hot water, it would appear completely different. There are obvious color differences before and after the color change. Through this difference, different appearances can be designed to make the appearance of the cup more unique.

Simply put, thermochromic materials are special materials whose color changes with temperature in a certain temperature range. The color can change from colorless to colored; from colored to colorless; there are also multi-color materials that appear two or more colors in succession after being heated.

However, in the actual production process, in order to make the color change within a controllable range, we need to use a professional portable colorimeter to detect the color of the thermochromic material at different temperatures.

2. How to detect thermochromic materials color using portable colorimeter?

Android Color quality control App
Android Color quality control App

The thermochromic materials of the artifact have been applied in various scenes in life. They will make the product more vibrant and stimulate people's desire to buy. However, in the preparation and application of thermochromic materials, how to control the color quality is the key.

The portable colorimeter is an optical measuring instrument that simulates the human eye's sensing of red, green and blue light. It is mainly based on the Lab and Lch principle of the CIE color space. The measurement shows the color difference ΔE*ab and  Lab value of the standard sample and test sample. 

The high-quality colorimeter can accurately analyze and transfer the color of thermochromic materials under the D/8 geometric optical illumination recommended by CIE. Under multiple color spaces, various color difference formulas and color data can be accurately measured and expressed. Users can record color data at different temperatures through a portable colorimeter to achieve color quality control. It can also be used as a detection device for a precise color matching system. Linshang portable colorimeter has seven color spaces and six color difference formulas to choose from.

By performing color detection on thermochromic materials at different temperatures and comparing the degree of color difference, it is possible to reasonably adjust the color of the thermochromic materials, so that the appearance color of the product reaches the desired color standard. Using Linshang LS171 portable colorimeter,  the Lab and Lch values can be measured,  users can also select the color chart, color space and color difference formula that they want.

3. Temperature change affect the color

In fact, not only the color of thermochromic materials will be affected by temperature. But in fact, most materials in life will change color with the change of temperature. Some materials have obvious changes and some materials have a color shift that we can't perceive of. For example, a ceramic tile only needs a temperature change of 15 degrees Celsius to measure excellent difference, while printed products on corrugated cardboard may require a larger temperature change to cause color difference. We call this color change caused by temperature change collectively called thermochromism.

In order to grasp the color difference caused by the temperature change of the product, we can measure the color difference value of the object at different temperatures through a professional portable colorimeter.

First, we can create a color standard at room temperature by measuring with a portable colorimeter. Then put the sample in the refrigerator and let the temperature reach 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Then measure it every few minutes by a portable colorimeter and a thermometer. Record the color data and temperature values respectively. Compare the color difference between the samples at different temperatures to see the color difference.

From dyes to ceramics to plastics, most materials and colors are volatile. How to control the color differences caused by temperature changes is a challenge that various manufacturers need to face. Now, a portable colorimeter is the choice of most people. If you want to know more details about this convenient color measurement tool, please contact us via



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