Window Film Meter Measure UV Rejection of Curtain Gauze

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Curtain gauzes are very common in our daily life and work environment. So, what kind of curtain gauze is cost effective? Good curtain gauze must not only play a good decorative role, but also protect privacy and block off ultraviolet and infrared rays.

Recently, Yikefang Mall sent us their curtain gauze. Let’s use the window film meter LS101 to measure the UV and infrared barrier properties. Then, we can use the solar film temperature meter LS300 to compare and measure the heat insulation effect. 

curtain gauze
curtain gauze

Curtain gauzes from Yikefang Mall have excellent functions such as heat insulation, heat preservation and UV resistance. The material of the fabric is relatively special. It uses the light reflection principle to reflect strong ultraviolet rays outside the window, so that the light entering the window is relatively moderate. Not only can it protect the furniture, it can also block 84% of ultraviolet rays. It is a very green and energy-saving home textile product.

First, let’s use the window film meter LS101 to measure the curtain gauze. The measured curtain gauze have an ultraviolet rejection rate between 95%-96% and an infrared rejection rate between 93%-94%. The blocking effect is very good. But the gauze is relatively opaque, the visible light transmittance is about 6%.

Linshang LS101 window tint meter uses a large LCD screen, can measure the infrared 940nm rejection rate, the ultraviolet rejection rate of 365nm and the visible light transmittance of 380nm-760nm. Place the curtain gauze into the test slot and the three test results are displayed immediately. The operation is very simple and the reading is convenient.

In addition, you can use the LS300 thermal insulation temperature meter to compare and measure the thermal insulation effect of the two curtain gauzes. During the test, the temperature rises very slowly. After the one-minute test is completed, the temperature difference only rises by 2.6°C-2.8° C. The temperature difference is very small, indicating that the insulation effect of the curtain gauze is very good.

The LS300 solar film temperature meter can display the real-time temperature value and the difference in temperature during the test. It is a test box that can feel the temperature by hand. Both of Linshang instruments can demonstrate the rejection effect of curtain gauzes. Whether you want to test the UV/IR rejection rate or UV/IR transmission and visible light transmittance, we can offer you best service. For more detailed information, please read "Window Film Transmission Meter Selection and FAQ".