Best Choice:LS182 Solar Film Transmission Meter

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In the instrument's choice, a lot of customers to call to ask, If I do both metal film and absorb film, how to choose the solar film transmittance meter? The classification of the instrument is very confused me, if bought the instrument at mid-infrared test, It won’t be satisfactory to test absorption film. But if bought the instrument for near-infrared rays test, It won’t be good to test metal film performance.
       I am very glad to recommend , because the instrument combined 950nm and 1400nm in one. There is a switch beside of the instrument, Dial switch for select 3 different IR wavelength :950nm,Full IR  and 1400nm. For example, while test absorption type solar film, switch to” 950nm”; While test the metal film, switch to “1400nm”. In this way, we can show the performance of all types of solar films.In addition, there is a “Full IR” .
       Value at “Full IR”=(Value at “950nm”+ Value at “1400nm”)/2. 
       According to the value both at near-infrared rays and near-infrared , we can check the heat insulation performance of solar film is really good or not. To know, Solar film that with good performance at both near-infrared rays and near-infrared calls real very good one.
       Moreover, Let’s show more advantages of
LS182 solar film transmittance meter:

LS182 solar film transmittance meter

1.LS182 solar film transmittance meter with parallel light source design, measured data is accurate and reliable. 
       2. Five wavelength test: UV 365nm, VL550nm, IR 950nm, IR 1400nm, Full IR
       3.Suitable for test VL transmittance and UV,IR rejection of automotive film, explosion proof film, construction film, heat insulation film, glass film et.
       4. The instrument has the function of real-time dynamic self calibration, and the automatic calibration. 
       5 . LS182 solar film transmittance meter using a new aluminum enclosure design, with larger color LCD display, easily to read record test data. Appearance of the LS182 is more upmarket and lavish. Suitable for demonstrate the solar film performance , use for production, quality control, inspection and so on occasions.
LS182 solar film transmittance meter is Linshang's patents product, Approximate products are copied. 
       LS182 Patent number: 2013204068288
       Patent consulting:



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