Explore Car Paint Thickness with Linshang Car Paint Meter

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In modern society, vehicles are already a rare means of travel. Basically, every household will own one. The car has become a necessity for us, so every car owner care for the car very much. Many people often do car maintenance or spray paint to 4s stores, then the car paint meter plays an irreplaceable important role.

car paint meter

LS220B Car Paint Meter

The car paint film is a film that looks extremely smooth on the vehicle surface. It has excellent gloss and lubricity, which can effectively resist the wear and tear of external debris. The paint on the handlebars can also reduce the wear and tear caused by long-term door opening and closing. When cleaning a vehicle, the paint film on the surface of the vehicle is very smooth, so scrubbing is not too laborious. In addition to the above functions, people can also modify the color and gloss of car paint according to their own aesthetics and preferences. We often see galloping and beautiful sports cars on the streets. Most of the paint parts are designed and transformed by the owners themselves.

Of course, the vast majority of people in their lives only demand the good protection of car paints and the superior appearance of gloss. So many people will often do maintenance for the vehicles. Some people will ask 4S shops to spray high-quality UV-resistant car paint. These measures are better performance of caring. However, quite a few people do not understand the car and often blindly believe that the thicker the paint is, the longer its protective effect and service life are. This is undoubtedly a wrong concept.

In our country, there is no uniform and clear standard for paint thickness due to inconsistent vehicle models and vehicle uses. But under normal circumstances, in order to give the industry a basic reference value, the thinnest paint thickness cannot be less than 90um. If it is lower than this reference value, car paint spraying is often regarded as cutting corners. In addition, due to the different performance of the vehicle's front, body, handlebars, rear and other parts, we will also vary the thickness of the actual spraying, but the gap is often not too large.

Oxygen, water, dust, small stones, acid and alkali substances in the air can be said to be the killer of car paint wear. If exposed to these factors for a long time, the car paint will inevitably become thin and transparent and car paint will also appear. The strong corrosivity of acids and bases is also something we cannot ignore. However, spraying very thick car paint is not the fundamental solution to these problems, but common problems such as cracks and rough surfaces also occur. When we use a car paint meter  to measure, we often find that the film thickness values of multiple parts of the vehicle surface with too high paint film thickness are different, which reflects that there is a problem of uneven painting on the body paint.

To sum up, the paint is not thicker the better, the owner of the vehicle to protect the vehicle frequently. The paint film thickness of car paint needs to be sprayed regularly, measured in accordance with the industry's paint film thickness standards. Car paint meter should be effectively used to improve the quality of the car paint.



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