High-precision Magnetic Coating Thickness Gauge

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There are various types of paint and people mainly use its colorful appearance for decoration. More people pay attention to the anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties of paint. Therefore, the strength of the paint is directly linked to its function. Its function is directly linked to the paint film thickness. Professionals often use high-precision magnetic coating thickness gauges for thickness control.
      Paints can be classified according to paint form, film formation mechanism, construction method, drying method, use level, use object, paint film performance, etc. There are also differences in thickness standards formulated by the state, so many paint manufacturers will subject to some restrictions. 
      Uneven coating thickness will directly affects the appearance. It looks puddles, bubbles, flowers, and obvious construction marks. In addition, if you touch it with your hands, it will be easy to feel grainy and not smooth enough. A paint film that is too thick or too thin also affects the gloss of the paint, which often appears dark, looks inferior and lacks decorative beauty. The paint film in the standard range is remarkable in terms of hardness, adhesion and transparency. From the appearance, this type of product is clear and has a strong three-dimensional sense, which is used to protect buildings or decorative houses. Such standard thickness paint film can be dried in a short time, forming a protective layer with toughness and hardness.
      In order to improve the competitiveness of their products, most paint manufacturers will work hard on the coating process and thickness monitoring of the paint. But there are still some people who find that the thickness standard of paint film is very narrow and extremely precise and tiny. It is not easy to reach the standard. Smart and professional people will help with high-precision magnetic coating thickness gauges, which are also widely used in the industry for film thickness measurement tools.

magnetic coating thickness gauge

The LS223 high-precision magnetic coating thickness gauge developed by Linshang Technology uses an intelligent digital probe to measure coating thickness. Even when compared with other magnetic coating thickness gauges brand, it is not inferior. The sensitivity and standard are very high and can pass the test of the Chinese Metrology Institute.
      Unqualified coating thickness not only affects the quality of the product, it is difficult to sell, but also greatly affects the reputation of the enterprise. But the modern high-precision magnetic coating thickness gauge can present the data parameters of the paint film in various aspects, helping manufacturers to solve coating process problems.