How to Detect Whether Car Paint is Original?

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1. What is the difference between original car paint and make-up paint?

The car appearance is largely related to the car paint quality. Many famous manufacturers use high-quality car paint, which can protect the body from damage and reduce the impact of sun exposure and corrosion on the body surface. And the original car paint is very particular, it generally includes a four-layer structure. The different layers have their own division of labor, from the inside to the outside are the electrophoretic layer, the middle coating, the color paint layer and the varnish layer.
       As the innermost layer, the electrophoretic layer is the basis of the next three levels. Its quality seriously affects whether the following three levels can be completely fitted with the car body. Not only that, the electrophoretic layer can also protect the car body from corrosion. The middle coating layer next to the electrophoretic layer is attached to it, which can ensure that the car paint adheres tightly to the body. The electrophoretic layer is very sensitive to ultraviolet radiation and is easily damaged by ultraviolet light. The middle coating layer can protect the electrophoretic layer on the outside and reduce the ultraviolet radiation damage.
       The color paint layer, the varnish layer and the electrophoresis layer have similar functions. It can also prevent the body from being corroded. At the same time, they are also the guarantee of the car body appearance, which can make the appearance of the body shiny.
       The original car paint is very particular, but it is not the case if it is a make-up paint. First of all, the temperature of the paint repair is different from the original car paint. When the original car paint was sprayed, the body parts were just installed. You can use the high temperature of Baidu to spray paint. This temperature makes the car paint better adhere to the body and will not fall off easily. The temperature of the paint repair is far below 200 degrees, generally only 80 degrees. The various parts of the car have been started when the paint repair, if you use the high temperature, it is easy to cause damage to the car parts. In addition, the repair paint will not be as multi-layered as the original car paint. In many cases, only the outermost two layers will be used, which will cause the effect of the repair paint to be far less than the original car paint.

2. How to detect whether the car paint is original?

Consumers with high requirements often do not want to encounter large defects in the car paint when buying a used car. At this time, it is extremely important to detect whether the car paint is the original car paint. Even ordinary consumers who are non-professionals can easily detect the results using a car paint meter.

car paint meters

When testing, you can select a point from the top, bottom, left and middle of the door. Then make multiple measurements at each point. In order to get accurate results, three measurements are generally used to get the average values. The data obtained at this time is the average thickness measured.
       According to the "Paint Quality Standard" in the automotive standard, the thickness of the door is around 120.64 microns. If the difference between the detected values is too large, you must consider carefully before buying this used car.
       Use the same method to continue to detect the car paint roof thickness and the paint thickness of the trunk cover. Compared with the standard value, it is easy to know whether it is secondary painting.



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