What is a spectrophotometer? How to choose a spectrophotometer?

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The spectrophotometer adopts the principle of converting the color into data and calculating the L*a*b value and the total color difference ΔE value to measure the color difference. It can measure the reflectance and spectral curve of different bands. At the same time, the spectrophotometer has high precision and is more suitable for complex Color analysis of colors. There are various spectrophotometers on the market, how to choose a suitable spectrophotometer?

Spectrophotometer function

  • Measure color, compare color difference. The spectrometer can be used to compare the difference between the two colors and the specific data of the color difference value, and judge whether the color difference is qualified according to the actual situation.

  • View the spectral reflectance curve. Analyze and process visible light according to the instrument spectral sensor and fitting algorithm, and check the corresponding reflectance of a certain visible light band.

  • Calculate whiteness. Judging whether the whiteness of the same white product of the same batch is qualified according to setting the relevant whiteness color parameters.

  • Store the color. The color is measured by the instrument and stored without saving the physical sample, so that the color difference comparison can still be carried out without the sample by your side.

Spectral reflectance curve of Spectrophotometer
Spectral reflectance curve of Spectrophotometer

Application field of Spectrophotometer

The spectrophotometer is mainly used in the color management of various industries such as printing, paint, food, packaging, ceramics, glass, etc. As manufacturers become more and more strict on product quality, the control of color chromatic aberration is an essential part.

How to choose a suitable Spectrophotometer?

According to application:

You can choose 45°/0° spectrophotometer to measure the color on medium and low gloss, smooth or frosted surface; you can choose D/8 spectrophotometer to measure the color of medium and low gloss and high gloss surface; to measure special coating pigment or containing pearl The special color of additives such as agent can choose multi-angle spectrophotometer.

According to parameters: 

According to the measurement requirements, the reflectance curve with 10nm or 20nm wavelength interval can be selected, and it can also be selected according to the accuracy. 

According to the application scenario:

For products that need to measure high precision, you can choose a desktop spectrophotometer, and if you need to be easy to carry, you can choose a portable spectrophotometer.


Domestic brands include Linshang, 3NH, Caipu, etc. Foreign brands include X-Rite, Konica, etc. However, the after-sales service of colorimeters of foreign brands is more troublesome.


Compare the instrument prices of various manufacturers to choose the most cost-effective instrument. Linshang's portable Spectrophotometer LS176 colorimeter can pass the national measurement and the standard deviation ΔE*ab is within 0.03. It uses a spectral sensor and a fitting algorithm to analyze and process 8 bands of visible light, which is more cost-effective.

According to value-added services:

Determine whether the instrument has supporting software, other accessories, whether it can pass the national measurement, after-sales team and maintenance costs, etc.

Linshang LS176 Portable Spectrophotometer
Linshang LS176 Portable Spectrophotometer

As a domestic brand colorimeter manufacturer, Linshang's portable Spectrophotometer can ensure that it passes the national authoritative measurement. At the same time, it has a professional after-sales team that can provide technical support and solutions for customers at any time. The above is all about what a spectrophotometer is. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know other details, you can consult customer service.