UV Power Puck- Necessary For UV Printing

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UV flatbed printer, also known as universal flatbed printer or flatbed printer, breaks through the bottleneck of digital printing technology, realizing a true printing, no plate making, full color image printing once completed. This technology has many advantages over traditional printing technology. In order to ensure good printing effect, we need to use UV power puck to detect the intensity and energy of UV printer UV light source.
   1.UV flat printing application fields
    UV flatbed printers are mainly used in POP display boards such as KT boards, acrylic sheets, plexiglass boards, etc. Hard signs such as metal, wood, plastic, etc.; professional markets such as ceramics, wood, furniture, etc.
    2.Advantages of UV flat printing
1) The printing is stable, the color is bright, the curing strength is high, the curing energy is low and the environment is odorless.
     2) Select the best mirror alumina board to make the reflectivity of uv cold light source reach more than 90%, which greatly improves the utilization of ultraviolet light and reduces energy consumption.
     3) The latest technology of the focusing reflector is used to concentrate the reflected UV light energy and the light curing efficiency is high, which is beneficial to the ink curing of the thick ink layer.
    3.The importance of using UV power puck in UV flatbed printer
Ultraviolet light source is a very important part of UV flatbed printers. The light source used in UV flat printing is mainly divided into mercury lamp and LED lamp. LED lamps have a tendency to gradually replace mercury lamps because of their energy saving, environmentally friendly and long service life. Only by ensuring that the UV light source has a good luminescent effect will the curing effect be good. Therefore, we need to use a professional UV power puck to detect the intensity and energy of the UV source.               

LS131 UV power puck

4.UV power puck for mercury and LED lamps
The Linshang LS120, LS130 are UV power pucks specifically designed to detect high pressure mercury lamps. The spectral response range is 315 nm - 400 nm, λp = 365 nm. The LS128, LS131 are UV power pucks specifically designed to detect UV LED lamps. The spectral response range is 340nm - 420nm. The instrument is calibrated at 395nm and can be used to test UV LED lamps in various wavelengths such as 365nm, 385nm and 395nm. All four instruments measure the power and energy of the UV source and display a power graph.