Linshang LS126A Light Intensity Meter Operation Method

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The UV light intensity meter is a wide-spectrum power meter which is mainly used to measure the radiant energy density of ultraviolet rays, that is, the radiant energy per square centimeter. UVA band in ultraviolet light, mostly used in exposure, curing and other industries. During the curing process, the light source will attenuate as the light source continues to be used. At this time we need to use a professional light intensity meter to detect the intensity and energy of the UV source.
      The LS126A light intensity meter is mainly used for UV energy and intensity measurement in the UVA band. The instrument's spectral response ranges from 340nm to 420nm and is calibrated at 395nm LED light source. With an ultra-small probe design, the probe is 7.2mm wide and is suitable for small spaces where conventional probes cannot be placed.
      Today we take the Linshang LS126A UV light intensity meter as an example to introduce the operation method of the instrument.
      1.In the off state, long press the power button to enter the setting mode.
      2.Scroll up and down to select whether to automatically shut down, short press the confirm button to confirm.
      3.According to the actual use, choose whether to display the energy value. Short press the confirm button.
      4.Select the power supply frequency of 50HZ

LS126A light intensity meter

5.Select the UV light intensity measurement unit, the instrument has three units to choose from: mW/cm² (default), W/cm², W/m², short press the confirm button.
      6.The instrument enters the measurement interface and the interface directly displays the maximum value, minimum value, average value and measurement duration.
      7.Short press the delete button to clear the data and start a new measurement.
      8.Under the measurement state, short press the power button to lock the measurement data and the “HOLD” symbol appears in the lower left corner of the screen.
      9.Scroll up to view the saved data. The instrument can save a total of 9 groups of data. In the historical data query interface, long press the delete button to clear the saved data.
      The above is the operation method of Linshang LS126A UV light intensity meter. The light intensity meter price is also concerned by many people. Different instruments have different prices. The LS126A UV light intensity meter only cost $ 442. If you have more questions, please contact Linshang Technology Engineer for details! If you want to select a UV light intensity meter that test UVB and UVC bands, please read "How to Select the Best UV Light Meter For Your Application".



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