Application of Marble Gloss Meter in Smooth Granite

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1. What is smooth granite?

The smooth surface of the stone has a high polishing effect and excellent reflection characteristics. The smooth surface and the mirror surface are the same. The stone surface is polished to a mirror-like lychee surface, while the burnt surface is made of high-temperature fired stone surface. The hand surface should be called the natural surface and the stone surface is randomly beaten into irregular irregularities. Granite, marble and limestone are usually polished and require different maintenance to maintain their luster. Due to differences in processing quality, granite may have a matte, high-gloss appearance. In order to verify the quality of polished granite, its gloss can be measured using a gloss meter.

2. What does smooth granite gloss greater than or equal to 85GU mean?

If the surface of the object is smooth enough, when a beam of parallel light hits the plane mirror, it will still be reflected in one direction in parallel. This reflection method is called specular reflection. In real life, the surface of metal, porcelain, mirrors, etc. is very smooth. Its ability to reflect light on the mirror surface is strong.
       For glossy granite, the surface gloss is measured by a marble gloss meter. Marble gloss meter is composed of incident light transmitter, receiver, standard board and other structures. The measured gloss is based on black glass with refractive index nD = 1.567. Assuming its plane is ideally polished, the plane is close to the natural state. The beam is specularly reflected and the gloss value at this time is defined as 100.0 GU. Then, under the same conditions, the reflected light flux of the object surface is divided by the reflected light flux of the standard board to obtain the relative value of the surface glossiness of the object.

3. Gloss meter for smooth granite

Glossiness of smooth granite refers to the degree of reflection of the meaured material surface to visible light. It is an important criterion for evaluating the quality of smooth granite. The current granite board standards stipulate that the front of the mirror board should have a mirror gloss, which can clearly reflect the scene. The gloss value is not less than 80 GU. The gloss value specified in the standard is a basic value. The gloss of most granite plates is 80-90 GU in order to have good specular gloss.

marble gloss meter

For the measurement of the smooth granite glossiness, a professional marble gloss meter is used. There are many types of marble gloss meters and the gloss meter price are different, but the principle is the same. Linshang LS192 marble gloss meter of 60-degree angle light source projection should be placed on the surface of granite during measurement. According to the conditions of the light source and the receiver angle, the reflected light flux of the granite in the specular reflection direction and the glass standard reflect on the specular. The ratio of the reflected light flux in the direction is converted into data by electronic calculation and displayed on the LCD screen of the instrument. The display interface of the LS192 marble gloss meter has a statistical function, which can display the maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation of the test. This feature can be used to analyze the uniformity of the surface gloss of the granite. The LS192 gloss meter can also be used in printing industry, you can read "Gloss Meter for Printing Industry".



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