The Importance of Metal Corrosion Protection

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1.  The importance of metal corrosion protection

The world loses more than 100 million tons of metal every year due to corrosion, accounting for 20% to 30% of the annual metal output. According to the survey statistics of industrial developed countries, the huge economic loss caused by corrosion damage each year accounts for 2% to 4% of the total national economic output. At present, the direct economic losses caused by dry corrosion in China each year are at least 50 billion RMB.

In fact, the loss and harm caused by corrosion is far more than the damage of metal materials or products themselves. Increased equipment design, manufacturing, maintenance and protection costs due to corrosion, leaks from thousands of equipment and pipelines, product pollution, the damage is much greater than the value of the material itself. Corrosion also causes a waste of valuable resources and energy.


But experts point out that if the existing scientific knowledge and anti-corrosion technology of human beings are fully utilized, some accidents can be avoided, corrosion can be controlled to a certain extent. One quarter of the economic losses can be recovered.  Although anti-corrosion is an indispensable expertise for almost all industries, it has not been given the attention it deserves. Today, with the development of industry, agriculture and science and technology, people are protecting natural resources and energy. 

2. The thickness of metal anticorrosive coating

In the process of metal anticorrosion, the detection of the metal anticorrosive coating thickness is also very important. Generally, the metal anticorrosive coating thickness can be measured using the Linshang LS223 metal anticorrosive paint mil thickness tester .

paint mil thickness tester

Linshang LS223 anti-corrosion paint mil thickness tester has the following characteristics:

● The anti-corrosion paint mil thickness tester conforms to the national standards "DIN EN ISO 2808 Coating and Varnish Film Thickness" and "JJG-818-2005 Magnetic and Eddy Current Covering Thickness Gauge Verification Regulations".

● The instrument can automatically identify the measurement substrate. The measurement range is large: Fe: 0.0-5000 μm, NFe: 0.0-3000 μm. (Fe material can be measured up to 5mm thick)

● Simple design and easy operation.

● Using digital probes, with temperature compensation function. The measurement data is not affected by temperature changes and the measurement data is more stable.
The above is the relevant information of the anti-corrosion coating and anti-corrosion paint mil thickness tester. Generally, the anti-corrosion coating has to pass the qualification tests of coating thickness, anti-corrosion degree and acid resistance. Linshang LS223 anti-corrosion paint mil thickness tester is a good choice for coating thickness acceptance.



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