Hall Effect Dry Mil Thickness Gauge

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Hall Effect dry mil thickness gauges are widely used in the coating thickness measurement industry. Hall Effect is generally used in portable non-destructive measurement dry mil thickness gauges.
    So what exactly is the Hall Effect?
The Hall Effect is one of the electromagnetic Effects. Specifically, when the current is applied to the semiconductor perpendicular to the external magnetic field, the carriers are deflected. A direction perpendicular to the direction of the current and the magnetic field produces an additional electric field that creates a potential difference across the semiconductor. This phenomenon is called the Hall Effect and this potential difference is called the Hall potential difference.
    The Hall Effect is completely different from traditional electromagnetic induction when current is passed through a conductor in a magnetic field. The magnetic field produces a force perpendicular to the direction of electron motion for the electrons in the conductor. A potential difference is generated in two directions perpendicular to the conductor and the magnetic line of inductance. The Hall Effect dry mil thickness gauge uses this potential difference principle to detect the coating thickness.

Hall Effect dry mil thickness gauges

The Magna-Mike 8600 and 8500 are world famous Hall Effect dry mil thickness gauges. Magna-Mike is an American brand. Below we will use the Magna-Mike8600 as a representative to understand the Hall Effect dry mil thickness gauge. The instrument has the following features:
1.The instrument is multi-language setting, the resolution is 0.1mm, 0.01mm, 0.001mm (depending on the thickness range).
2.Anti-vibration, fall, impact test respectively in line with the US military standard "MIL-STD-810G" procedures.
3.Probes are straight or right angle and the wear cap can be replaced.
4.High accuracy, large range, portable.
5.The Hall Effect sensor of the probe can detect the distance of the target steel ball at the beginning of the probe. The measured distance value is displayed on the screen as the thickness value.
All in all, this is a good Hall Effect dry mil thickness gauge because of its powerful and good quality, so the price is relatively high. The price of a Magna-Mike8600 is about 50,000 and the after-sales cycle takes a long time.

With the advancement of technology, the Chinese Hall Effect dry mil thickness gauge has slowly kept pace with the times. The measurement results are not worse than the international level.If you consider the cost-Effective compatriots, you can consider the Chinese Hall Effect dry mil thickness gauge, such as the Linshang LS220 Hall Effect dry mil thickness gauge. The LS220 dry mil thickness gauge adopts both Hall Effect measurement principle and the eddy current effect measurement principle. It is suitable for the measurement of non-magnetic coatings on ferromagnetic metal substrates such as steel. It can also be used for the measurement of non-conductive coatings on non-magnetic metal substrates.It is a good choice.

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