Automotive Paint Meter-Best Car Evaluation Tool

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Today, professional vehicle evaluations are only possible with automotive paint meters. People in the used car industry need these instruments to perform a professional value assessment when buying a used car for vehicle recycling and to check the wear degree of the paint.
      The reason is obvious: the value of a vehicle after an accident depends on the extent of the damage. Therefore, second-hand car buyers want to know the performance of the vehicle and whether the vehicle is working properly. Linshang automotive paint meter is the tool for this purpose. Automotive experts, car dealers and auto repair shops have successfully used Linshang automotive paint meter to solve their problems.

1. Automotive paint meter helps improve user productivity

Efficiency is an important part of vehicle evaluation. The total expenditure is high, depending on how many measurements the vehicle needs to make and whether it needs to be recorded. Linshang automotive paint meter measurement speed is very fast, 0.5S can get a data, continuous fast measurement without stalling. No need to press the button during the measurement. The probe should be pressed vertically on the surface of the vehicle body and the paint thickness is displayed on the display interface of the instrument.
      It is not necessary to record data for multiple measurements. The LS220B automotive paint meter developed by Linshang Technology for the used car market is equipped with Bluetooth function and can be connected with mobile phone APP.

2. Nondestructive measurement

When you measure paint thickness, you place the automotive paint meter on various parts of the vehicle. Linshang automotive paint meter uses a ruby probe, which will not cause damage to the paint surface when measuring. The instrument uses the Hall effect and eddy current effect. It can measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on magnetic substrates and the thickness of non-conductive coatings on non-magnetic substrates at the same time. It is an iron and aluminum dual-purpose instrument.

3. Linshang automotive paint meter with high accuracy

The instrument does not need to be calibrated. Only zero adjustment is required to ensure accurate measurement results. Accuracy can reach ≤ ± (3% of reading + 2μm)

4. Easy to use and carry

To meet specific needs, many instruments are becoming more complex. Linshang automotive paint meter is committed to providing good measurement services while simplifying the measurement steps as much as possible. During the measurement of the instrument, there is no need to press the button. The instrument is compact and can be held with one hand, suitable for carrying around.

automotive paint meter

This is why Linshang automotive paint meter is not only of high quality, it is made in China and easy to use. We address this requirement with a focus on ease of use through fast and simple coating thickness measurement and results supported by software. In addition to automotive paint meters, Linshang Technology has also introduced a large range of coating thickness gauges for industrial applications. For more information, please contact us at!



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