Waterproof UV Light Meter | UV Lamp Disinfection Precautions

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waterproof UV light meter
waterproof UV light meter

The ultraviolet rays used for disinfection are ultraviolet rays in the UVC band and its wavelength range is 200-280nm. At present, the most common ultraviolet germicidal lamps are low-pressure mercury lamps, which use ultraviolet rays with a peak wavelength of 253.7nm. The ultraviolet light source used for disinfection must be able to produce sterilizing ultraviolet lamps with an irradiation value that meets the national standard. In order to determine the irradiation intensity of the ultraviolet lamp, we can use a professional waterproof UV light meter.

It is best to understand the matters needing attention and the UV disinfection lamps use before using UV lamps for disinfection.

1. Precautions before using ultraviolet disinfection lamp

  1. During use of the UV 254nm germicidal lamp, make sure the surface of the 254nm germicidal lamp is clean. It is generally recommended to wipe the surface with an alcohol cotton to ensure that the surface is free of oil and dust.

  2. When sterilizing indoor air with ultraviolet 254nm germicidal lamps, keep the room dry to reduce dust and water mist in the air. The temperature should preferably be within 20 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius; When disinfecting the surface of items, it is best to ensure that the surface can be completely irradiated and ensure that the irradiation dose is sufficient.

  3. Do not expose to UV light source to avoid damage.

  4. Different types of microorganisms have different sensitivities to ultraviolet rays. When sterilizing with ultraviolet rays, you must use an UV dose that meets the standards required to kill microorganisms. The UV dose refers to the product of the irradiation intensity and time of the ultraviolet light.

Since the UV lamp irradiation intensity will gradually decay after being used, it is necessary to periodically detect the UV irradiation intensity emitted by the UV 25254nm germicidal lamp. Once a professional waterproof UV light meter  is used to detect that the UV irradiation intensity has fallen below the standard, the lamp must be replaced in time.

2. Safety tips for using ultraviolet disinfection lamp

Ultraviolet rays can kill all kinds of microorganisms. The surfaces of various objects, water and air can be disinfected by ultraviolet rays. However, ultraviolet radiation has low energy and weak penetrating power and can only kill microorganisms exposed to ultraviolet rays. Therefore, you should also pay attention to several points when disinfecting.

  1. When using a UV 254nm germicidal lamp to disinfect rough surfaces such as paper, the exposure time should be appropriately extended and both sides should be exposed.

  2. When using an ultraviolet 254nm germicidal lamp to sterilize items, it is best to use a portable ultraviolet sterilizer to move at a short distance, or you can use a UV 254nm germicidal lamp to suspend the irradiation. You can also put small items in the ultraviolet sterilization box.

  3. When using ultraviolet rays to disinfect indoor air, we generally choose a high-intensity ultraviolet air sterilizer. This type of sterilizer is not only reliable, but also can be used by people; if no one is sterilized, it can also be directly used. The ceiling or mobile ultraviolet disinfection lamp directly illuminates the room.

  4. When using UV disinfection water or other liquids, we generally use the method of internal water irradiation or external water irradiation. The UV light source used in the water irradiation method needs to be equipped with a protective cover of quartz glass. The thickness of the water layer to be irradiated should be less than 2 cm and the water flow speed should be determined according to the intensity of the UV light source. When measuring the intensity of the radiometer for underwater UV lamps, you can also use a waterproof UV light meter for measurement.

If you want to know how to use Linshang LS125 UV light meter+UVC-X0 probe test the sterilization box, the following video can help you.



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