What to do if the Test Data of Paint Thickness Gauge is Inaccurate?

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LS220 paint thickness gauge is Linshang's star product in 2019. It was launched at the end of 2018 and has been recognized by a large number of users in just one year. The biggest features of this instrument are simple use and accurate detection. Without complicated calibration process, simple zero adjustment can meet the requirements of accuracy.

paint thickness gauge

In the process of using the LS220 paint thickness gauge, we sometimes receive feedback from customers that the measured data is not stable. This problem has also caused our attention and the customer immediately sent the instrument back. After receiving the customer's instrument, we found that it was not a problem with the instrument. The customer had adjusted the measurement mode incorrectly.

1. There are three measurement modes for the paint thickness gauge

The first type: automatic recognition mode, both iron and aluminum can be measured. The detected substrate can be automatically identified and converted.
       The second: iron-based mode, which is only suitable for measuring materials with a base material of iron (magnetic metal substrate). When measuring materials with a non-ferrous material, the data is unstable.
       The third: non-ferrous mode, only suitable for testing materials with non-ferrous substrates (non-magnetic metal substrates).
       Therefore, the reason for the unstable data measurement of the customer response is that the instrument is in the wrong adjustment mode. The default mode of the Linshang paint thickness gauge is automatic identification. After receiving the goods, the customer can use any settings. First, please check the measurement mode.

2. The measurement mode setting method of paint thickness gauge 

(1) In the off state, long press the power button to enter the setting mode
       (2) Short press the power button, select the measurement mode you need and wait for 2S, the setting is confirmed.
       The measurement accuracy of the Linshang paint thickness gauge is very high. It also uses advanced technology. In the process of use, customers not only have simpler operation, but also have better accuracy. If they encounter similar problems during use, they can find the problems first.