What Brand of Car Paint Meter is Good?

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Do you know what brand of car paint meter is better? We have to say that Linshang car paint meter has just received warm welcome from second-hand rims as soon as it is on the market. What has been used is no different from the Q-nix 4500. Especially for the used car industry, the instrument must be simple and easy to use, the data must be accurate and stable when measuring. It is best to export the test report of the car inspection.

The Linshang car paint meter is specially invented by the second-hand car industry, which can meet the various requirements mentioned above, especially exporting test reports. Linshang LS220B Bluetooth car paint meter can be linked with a mobile phone APP to directly generate a test report. The reasons that customers choose Linshang instruments are the instrument performance and the thoughtful after-sales service. If the customers find the instrument is inappropriate, they can return the instrument back to the factory in 30 days. 

bluetooth car paint meter

1. What's so good about of Linshang car paint meter?

  • Dual-use for both iron and aluminum, the instrument can automatically identify iron-based or non-ferrous based mateirals and automatically switch;

  • High-sensitivity probe is used for fast measurement in 0.5 seconds.

  • Use a digital probe to make reading more stable;

  • The instrument has only one button and the operation is very simple;

  • The instrument is small in size and convenient to carry;

  • With temperature compensation function, the instrument can still be used in low temperature environment;

  • The instrument probe is a ruby that is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, ensuring long-term use of the instrument;

  • The Bluetooth APP automatically sets 17 car detection positions. A test report can be generated between them.

2. What's so good about the Bluetooth APP of Linshang car paint meter?

  1. The app automatically sets 17 detection columns such as the roof, engine compartment cover, left front fender and left A-pillar;

  2. Each column can record 8 data. The instrument automatically calculate the maximum value, minimum value and average value;

  3. The generated report can be filled with detection information such as frame number, vehicle model and tester.

bar paint meter bluetooth app

The above is a description of Linshang car paint meter. Good products are not afraid of the inspection from customers. 



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