Paint Thickness Tester for Quality Control

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Paint thickness testers perform quality control on many products and materials such as steel and iron. Automobiles, ships, aircraft, industrial parts and even cell phones, glass lenses, and hundreds of other items are often coated with high-tech processes. On the one hand, such products need coatings to effectively protect the products (such as corrosion resistance) to extend their service life; on the other hand, the appearance of the products needs to look good. Both aspects are equally important to customers, as product design and service life are key factors in their decision to buy the product.

1. Protective effect of coatings-Linshang paint thickness tester 

The surface coating can be paint, plastic or metal, such as zinc, chromium or nickel plating. In order to ensure that the coating can adequately protect the underlying materials from corrosion or abrasion, the coating needs to reach a certain thickness, which varies depending on the product to be coated. Therefore, we need to use a high-precision paint thickness tester to ensure that the coating reaches a certain thickness.

2. Non-destructive coating thickness measurement

The measurement of coating thickness can be divided into destructive and non-destructive measurement. Obviously, we should use non-destructive measurement methods to measure coating thickness. However, in the past, it was practically impossible to measure the coating thickness without damaging the protective coating.

3. Coating thickness measurement method

Common non-destructive coating methods include magnetic induction methods for measuring non-magnetic coatings (paints, varnishes, etc.) on magnetic substrates, eddy current methods for measuring the thickness of non-conductive coatings on non-magnetic substrates. And measuring ultrasonic measurement of non-metallic coatings on metallic substrates. Linshang paint thickness tester uses both Hall effect and eddy current measurement principles to measure the non-magnetic coating thickness on magnetic substrates and non-conductive coating thickness on non-magnetic substrates. It is a dual use coating thickness gauge for both iron and aluminium.

4. Paint thickness tester meeting various needs

paint thickness testers

We choose the appropriate paint thickness tester according to the specific application field to achieve accurate coating thickness measurement. According to different industrial needs, Linshang Technology has developed paint thickness testers suitable for different fields. Linshang LS220, LS220B are automotive paint meters for the automotive industry. The difference between LS220 and LS220B is that LS220B automotive paint meter has Bluetooth function, which can be connected to mobile phone APP to export test reports. LS221 paint thickness tester is widely used in metal processing industry, coating industry, hardware industry, shipbuilding industry, aerospace industry and other fields. LS223 series paint thickness tester can be equipped with two probe ranges of 3mm and 5mm. LS223 + F5N3 anti-corrosion paint thickness tester is widely used in hardware manufacturing, shipbuilding industry, aerospace, mechanical equipment evaluation and other fields, especially suitable for large thickness coating inspection.
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