UVC Meter | How About the Sterilization Effect of UV Disinfection Lamp?

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The ultraviolet rays in the UVC band have a bactericidal effect. It can destroy various microbial cells, such as the DNA and RNA molecular structure of viruses (that is, DNA and ribonucleic acid), making cells unable to replicate and regenerate, thereby achieving the effect of killing viruses. However, in the sterilization process, the intensity of ultraviolet radiation plays an important role. When the intensity of ultraviolet radiation is sufficiently high, inactivated virus bacteria will not be revived. But if the intensity of radiation is too low, the inactivated viral bacteria can use light to help repair their damaged structures. Therefore, in various hospitals or large occasions, professional uvc meters are used to detect the radiation intensity of ultraviolet disinfection lamps.

UVC meter

LS126C UVC light meter and LS125 multi-probe UV light meter

There are also many types of UV germicidal lamps. There are currently two types of UV germicidal lamps, one is a low-pressure mercury lamp and the other is UV LED germicidal lamp. A low-pressure mercury lamp is a gas discharge light source. After being energized, it can excite the mercury atoms in the light and generate 253.7nm UVC band. The low pressure mercury lamp is also widely used in hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, schools and other occasions. Ultraviolet LED lamp is a more efficient germicidal lamp than mercury lamps, which can quickly kill viruses. It may take only a few seconds, while traditional germicidal lamps may take tens of minutes.

Due to the material characteristics of the ultraviolet lamp, attenuation will occur with the increase of the use time. The surface of the lamp tube will be dirty or the lamp frame will be aging due to long-term use. Therefore, a professional UVC meter is required to ensure ultraviolet sterilization. Taking a 30W straight lamp commonly used in hospitals as an example, an uvc meter is placed one meter below the newly purchased UV lamp. The irradiation intensity is greater than 100μW/cm² to be judged as qualified. If the ultraviolet radiation intensity of the medium is lower than 70μW/cm², the lamp needs to be replaced with a new one.

In addition to the irradiation intensity of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp itself, the germicidal effect will be affected. The material of the ultraviolet lamp tube is also particular. Ultraviolet light has a weak penetrating ability and cannot penetrate ordinary glass. Therefore, if you must also brighten your eyes when purchasing an ultraviolet germicidal lamp, it is best to buy a tube made of quartz glass. If it is an ordinary glass tube, it is likely to be bought back as an ornament.

All in all, the germicidal effect of UV disinfection lamps is still related to many factors. It is recommended to understand the industry knowledge before purchasing and using. If it is a large-scale occasion to use a large number of ultraviolet disinfection lamps, you can also consider equipped with a professional UVC meter for testing to ensure the efficacy of the germicidal lamp. 

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