Application of UV Curing Technology

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UV curing technology, used for UV curing of electronic parts and optical parts, UV curing of coating agent, coatings and printing inks, and UV energy meter for cured light source detection. It is often used in the following four areas:

LS120128 UV Energy meter

1. UV curing of electronic parts and optical parts
    Under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, an ultraviolet curable resin have the property of instantaneous solidification which can be used as an adhesive. It has the advantages of quick-drying and transparency and it is easy to use. Therefore it is widely used in optical parts or precision mechanism parts. Magnetic components such as liquid crystal panels, biochemical parts, camera lenses, hard disks such as computers, cone-shaped vibrating plates and coils of loudspeakers, magnets for motors, circuit boards and electronic components, and parts inside engines such as automobiles.
    2. Coating and coating agent of UV curing
    UV curing technology can be used for drying and surface protection of paints for automobiles, electro-chemical products, building materials, and plastics, as well as for curing and drying of glossy coatings (bar codes). Such as car or locomotive body or headlight lens, glasses plastic lens, mobile phone or video game machine plastic molding body, toys, metal switch or cosmetic cover, system kitchen utensils, furniture, exterior and interior wall tiles, floor coverings, etc.
    3. UV curing of printing ink
    The label printing line of the built-in Unicure system, in addition to metal, aluminum, plastic, etc., and paper, when it is difficult to dry materials to perform printing, in order to accelerate drying and improve production efficiency per hour, UV curing technology is adopted. In addition, when printing a large number of fast printing or large paper, an ultraviolet curing device can be used. Such as snack packaging, catalogues, flyers and large posters.
     4. Special purpose for UV curing
     In addition to the above, the coating of optical fibers, the protection coating of patent certificates, the molding of Fresnel lenses, the molding of key rings or trays, and the shaping of light can all use ultraviolet curing technology.
     The technical level of the domestic UV-cured materials industry generally lags behind that of developed countries. With the development of the domestic economy and the progress of the society, the industry has developed at a faster speed and the industry-leading enterprises have reached or exceeded the world's leading level in some products. The application of
ultraviolet energy meters will also increase.