What are the Advantages of the UV LED Curing?

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  The UV LED curing instrument experienced a long process of research and improves. Production engineering which use the mercury lamp light as main stream was adopted for a long time. But because of the high price and maintenance cost, and some other disadvantages such as the quickly decreased illumination intensity, the rising temperature of element surface when being irradiated, large volume, high price and so on. The industry is trying to improve it all the time, but still limited because of the material characteristics.
  The coming out of the UV LED brings revolutionary change in UV curing industry. It has stable illumination intensity, excellent temperature control ability, convenient and environmental protection feature, low procurement cost and maintenance cost, which play a catalytic role in the improvement of quality and the decrease of energy consumption.

UV LED energy meter

UV LED Energy Meter

  What are the advantages of the UV LED curing?

  1.Service time
  Comparing to those traditional UV curing instruments, the mercury lamp light has a short service time of 800-3000 hours, but if the UV LED curing system is used, their service time can reach 20000-30000 hours. The UV LED can be lighted up immediately when there needs only ultraviolet ray. The service life of UV LED is 20-30 times than the mercury lamp light, which shortens much time of changing the lamp and improved the work efficiency, also saved much energy at the same time.
  2.No heat radiation
  The high power luminous diode won't launch infrared light, and the temperature of the product surface will only rise less than 5°C when being illuminated, but when it comes to the mercury lamp light, the surface temperature will rise 60-90°C, which will make product displaced, and caused product no-conforming. The UV LED is the most suitable technology for those heat reactive and high-accuracy adhesive bonding technology such as plastic substrate, lens adhesion, electronic products, optical fiber and cable and so on.
  3.Environmental and no pollution
  Using the traditional mercury lamp light, there is mercury in it, which makes much trouble in transportation and the treatment of waste, and if we handled this not properly, it will do damage to environment. The UV LED curing adopt the semiconductor emission technology, and there is pollution to environment, as a result, it was a more environmental technology.
  4. Strong illumination
  Using the high power LED cube and special optical design,makes the UV light reached high accuracy and high intensity. The output of the UV light can reach 8600 mW/m2. Using the latest optical technology and manufacturing technology, and achieved a higher output and more homogeneous than the traditional mercury lamp light, it is almost twice than that of the mercury lamp light, which makes the UV bond cure quicker, shorten the time and become more effective by a wide margin.
  5. Low energy consumption
  The effective luminescent efficiency of UV LED is more than 10 times than the mercury lamp light.
  UV LED point light sources, line light sources and area sources are now applying in all kinds of industry. We believe that after all our peers effort, UV LED curing industry will have a bright future.