UV Curing Knowledge

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First: UV curing

UV curing also called UV Coating. UV curing is a photochemical reaction. It is a process in which UV glue is applied to a crystal surface and hardened by UV irradiation. UV curing is similar to the traditional drying process, but the principle is different. Drying generally results in hardening by evaporation of the solvent in the coating material, while UV curing is solvent free. Many customers choose Linshang professional uv energy meters to test the uv light source.

uv energy meter

UV measurement device

Second: UV light source system

The UV curing device is composed of a light source system, a ventilation system (that is, a fan), a control system (digital display timer), and a cabinet. The light source system consists of a UV lamp, a lampshade, a transformer (ballast), and a capacitor (trigger)

1. UV lamp

At present, the UV lamps on the market are divided into high pressure mercury lamps and metal halide lamps. High-pressure mercury lamps are commonly used in domestic equipment and some imported equipment use metal halide lamps. (Recommended to use metal halide lamps)

2. Reflector

Reflector types consist of the focus type, non-focus type and multi-face reflection type. The focus type is generally used. The structural feature of the reflector is that the reflected UV light energy is concentrated and the light curing efficiency is high, which is beneficial to the ink solidification of the thick ink layer and the deep layer of the ink can be completely cured.

3. Transformer

The choice of transformer must match the power of the UV lamp, ie the transformer must have sufficient output voltage to ensure that the UV lamp can operate at full power. If the output voltage is too high, the lamp will burn out. And if the output voltage is too low, the lamp will not work at full power, thus making the UV output intensity insufficient.

4. Capacitor

The choice of capacitor should be matched with the lamp and the transformer, the pressure resistance of the capacitor used should be selected according to the output voltage of the transformer. If improperly selected, the capacitor will be broken down, which will affect the normal operation of the UV curing device.