Portable Transmission Meter

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Among the series of Linshang solar film transmission meters, the products can be roughly divided into three types: small portable type, desktop display type, and split type. Different shapes have different application scenarios. For example, the portable one is especially suitable for carrying samples, and the desktop display type can be placed directly on the desktop and the data is very intuitive. The split type can be applied not only to the above two scenarios, but also to the test of the installed curtain wall glass, the front glass of the car, etc. Suitable for scenarios where other conventional solar film transmission meters cannot test.

LS110H Split Transmission Meter

The Liner split solar film transmission meters has two models, LS110A and LS110H. The plastic engineering box is given when the instrument is purchased, which is convenient for carrying out to test.
   The split solar film transmission meters
LS110A and LS110H can not only test the UV blocking rate, infrared blocking rate, but also the visible light transmittance. One instrument can meet a variety of testing needs. As long as the main and auxiliary machines are placed on both sides of the glass, the measurement can be started. It is very convenient to test the installed curtain wall glass and the front glass of the car with a split solar film tester.



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