Linshang Insulated Glass Unit Measuring Tools

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There are a variety of insulated glass unit measuring tools in Linshang. The two most common instruments are digital glass thickness gauges and light transmittance meters.

Linshang LS116 Light Transmittance Meter is a glass unit measuring tool that specifically detects the transmittance of glass. This instrument is suitable for detecting the transmittance of various regular transparent materials, including insulating glass. LS201 digital glass thickness gauge is a glass unit measuring tool specially used to detect the thickness of insulating glass.
    Insulating glass means that two or more layers of flat glass are bonded by an aluminum frame filled with a desiccant; or a vacuum or argon gas is used in the cavity. Since the desiccant in the aluminum frame can keep the air in the glass cavity dry for a long time, the insulating glass has good heat insulating properties.
    Lighting is one of the main energy consumption of large buildings. Insulating glass can maintain high light transmittance while ensuring thermal insulation, which can reduce the energy consumption of lighting. However, the thickness of the insulating glass is large, and it is necessary to test using a light transmittance meter with a parallel optical path. Linshang LS116 Light Transmittance Meter is an instrument that specifically detects the transmittance of insulating glass. This instrument uses a parallel light path design to accurately test the transmittance of insulated glass with a large thickness.

glass unit measuring tool

Glass Unit Measuring Tool

The thickness of the glass is also required to be tested after the construction of the insulating glass in the building, but the already installed glass cannot be tested using the common vernier caliper, and a digital insulating glass thickness gauge must be used. LS201 digital glass thickness gauge is a special glass unit measuring tool for insulating glass. It adopts the principle of laser reflection. It only needs to be attached to the glass side to test the thickness of the glass and the thickness of the air layer. It is very convenient.
    The popularity of insulating glass makes the glass unit measuring tool dedicated to insulating glass essential. For more information on insulated
glass unit measuring tool, please contact us by email.

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