How to Choose the Suitable UV Irradiance Meter

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  First of all, when purchasing a UV irradiance meter, we must confirm the type of UV light source first. The UV light source is mainly divided into two kinds: the mercury lamp and the LED light source.
     If it is the light source of mercury lamp or the halogen lamp, you can choose
the UV irradiance meter LS120 or LS130. The spectral range is from 315 nm to 400 nm and the peak wavelength is at 365 nm.
     If it is the LED light source, you can choose
the UV irradiance meter LS128 or LS131. The spectral range is from 340nm to 420nm and the wide spectral response can be used to test light sources in various wavelengths such as 365nm, 375nm, 385nm, 395nm, and 405nm.

UV irradiance meter

Then let’s confirm the measurement occasion, if we test the traditional mesh belt transport structure UV light source system, box-type rotary or static curing UV dryer, simple UV device. If the space is sufficient, a round cake type UV irradiance meter LS120 or LS128 can be used. If the measurement space is not enough to fit the round cake type, consider using the LS130 or LS131 with a rectangular shape.
Linshang UV irradiance meter is a product that can be guaranteed for one month return service without reason. And the LS120 and LS130 irradiance meters used for the high-pressure mercury lamp can meet the national standards. It is the perfect alternative to imported instruments.