How to Choose the Solar Film?

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Many car owners generally value the brand, price and insulation effect of solar film when choosing the solar film of the car, but sometimes the light transmittance factor is ignored.
    Because many car owners don't know about the solar film, they often get caught up in the film selection. If you have a deeper understanding of the automotive market, you can know the 
light transmission meter.                                                                            
    The main function of the car is the heat insulation, explosion-proof, energy saving and light transmission. The good quality of the car's solar film can not only block the sun, but also play a role in heatstroke prevention and cooling. It can also prevent theft and collision, and add a safety protection to the passengers. The light transmission meter can detect the properties of the solar film before the owner pastes the film, and it is convenient to select a suitable film.

LS160 light transmission meter

The high-quality solar film of the big brand will not cut corners in terms of heat insulation rate, light transmittance, UV protection and explosion-proof performance, and it is very elaborate in the process. It is made of more than ten layers of materials and can be used for 5-8 years. Time without performance degradation, good clarity also ensures that driving safety is not affected.
    Therefore, when the owners choose a solar film, it is important to use the light transmission meter to detect the solar film. Be sure to use professional light transmission meter to help judge the quality of the film.